Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Sorry guys for not keeping my promise of next day blogging. One of my favourites on the catwalk at LFWMSS18 was as usual Christopher Raeburn. Sporty, wearable, recyclable, conscious fashion for both men and women. This season a bit more daring than usual.

More Christopher Raeburn who uses recyclable and reused materials. Here in grey with a new take on the bomber jacket.

Transparent for boys! With a clear sporty look and the sweet mouse on the top! More soon from LFWMSS18 and from my beautiful island of Gåsö where I am now!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Goodmorning Sunday, on my way to see some more men´s fashion in London. Topman etc... Follow me on instagram to see what is happening today. A new post will be here tomorrow!
Happy Sunday to you all!

Thursday, 8 June 2017


The sweetest invitation so far in LFWM:s history. Christopher Raeburn, the king of reuse, recycle and sporty designs, sent out this lovely invitation. It will be very exciting to see what he is up to this time. More to come tomorrow from LFWMSS18...see you then.

Monday, 5 June 2017


Circles! A reoccurring theme this year at Chelsea Flower Show. This is The Breast Cancer Now Garden "Through the Microscope". designed by Ruth Willmott Associates. And of course the garden symbolise breast cancer seen through the microscope!
Circles drawing you into Raymond Blanc´s private garden.

Cut flowers arranged in circles in the Great Pavilion.

Balls of rattan and Alliums in the Chelsea Gardens.

Lacquered rings, decorative in a small garden.

A garden full of roses all year round. Metal roses in a ball!

Slate, in a ball etc, a much used stone at Chelsea this year.

More stones, not sure if they are slate, but could be...more from Chelsea to come soon!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Went to Chelsea Flower Show yesterday and was happy to find so much colour! On the flowers, on the walls etc. This garden was influenced my Mexico.

Chelsea in Bloom, a project to save rare animals in Africa etc, invited shops and businesses around Sloane Square to participate with a "Safari" theme. A lot of monkeys, giraffes, elephants etc. I will soon write a blog just about this project.

A mix of colour, the rainbow in the same border, a multicolour trend is arising...

Lovely new species of orchids, I love orchids!

The queen of colour, Tricia Guild, had cooperated with Annika Rice and gardener Sarah Raven to create this colourful and happy garden for BBC2.

The Silk road had inspired to this Chinese garden. A bit kitschy but sort of fun and happy! Not quite my cup of tea!

More Safari...and more from Chelsea soon...

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


This is Aquavit Restaurant in London. Exclusive Scandinavian interior design at it´s best! I will sample their menu tomorrow night with my Swedish woman´s network organisation, SveaBritt. I will be back here with more soon! (PS Aquavit is not the same as the restaurant with the same name in New York but you might say that they are cousins since they collaborate!)

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


WILD GARLIC grows in the shadow of the forest. You can find it in England and Wales, and in the south of Sweden(Ramslök)and also in many other parts of Europe. In the British Isles it grows in the same habitats as Bluebells and they are together considered to be ancient woodland indicator species. The wild boar loves it and will dig up the roots! You are sure to have found it when you sense the significant garlicy/oniony smell in the air.

It is the leaves that you use for cooking. Rinse them and use for pesto, soup etc.

The flower is beautiful in itself.

I made pesto from my harvest! Chop 100 g of Wild Garlic leaves and add 50 g of toasted (optional) pine nuts with 50 g of grated Parmesan cheese. Add 100 ml of olive oil and blend. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I just happened to have a lime green Margareta bowl and a matching blender (Philippe Starck for Philips ca 1996)to work with.
The blender "Billy" working...
The Wild Garlic Pesto is ready and put in jars. Will keep for weeks in the fridge.
The flowers I used as decorations in my home!
Wild Garlic decorating my lounge, and not smelly at all. Seems like the onion odour comes from the leaves!

Friday, 5 May 2017


London Craft Week is on! A celebration of handmade objects and handicraft, from food to ceramics, small artisan work to the big brands like Burberry, Mulberry etc. Not sure what I think of this, a commercial event or a serious try to highlight English products and highlight how much handicraft really are invested in these products. From cars to food! Above, high quality knitting from Scotland by Bamford (Daylesford Organic is under the "same roof" by the Bamford family.)

It was hard to understand that this was part of London Craft Week. An installation of Danish ceramics at Skandium/Marelybone Road.

Gunnel Sahlin, Swedish glass designer and a good friend of my mine had been invited by the Craft Council etc to showcase her latest work at Vessel Gallery, 114 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill. The exhibition goes on until 3 June. Colourful sensual vases etc, a must see!

Not sure if some of the participants in this Craft Week had taken it seriously enough. At Selfridges all you found was a small stand making filter coffee in Japanese glass jugs. Hard to find the exhibitions and a lot of the events had to be booked in advance and also quite frequently needed to be paid for! The catalogue should have been more informative and guiding in how to manage the week. London is VERY big!

The weather was cold. Felt for these french umbrella makers who had to stand outside. New exhibits every day at St James´s Market, Piccadilly! The Scandinavian restaurant Aquavit held a special dinner for London Craft Week. They have a lot of Scandinavian high class handmade products in the restaurant.

Mulberry showed how their most popular bag is being made at the store on New Bond Street.

Wonderful portraits of the craft behind the Mulberry bags! Window display at Mulberry, New Bond Street.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


A week ago we all felt a bit taken down by current circumstances, studies, work, personal issues etc. We went to Hidcote Gardens and Manor House. Such a tranquil and soothing place, heals the soul. We live nearby so visit often! Hidcote is one of the worlds most famous gardens due to the different "rooms". All in different colours and with different themes. From the white garden to the french... Sissinghurst Garden are similar in style.
Here some history (Wikipedia)  The Americans, Lawrence Johnston and his mother, settled in Britain about 1900, and Lawrence immediately became a British citizen and fought in the British army during the Boer war. In 1907 Johnston's mother, Mrs Gertrude Winthrop (she had re-married), purchased the Hidcote Manor Estate. It was situated in a part of Britain with strong connections to the then-burgeoning Arts and Crafts movement and an Anglicized American artistic expatriate community centred nearby at Broadway, Worcestershire.
Johnston soon became interested in turning the fields around the house into a garden. By 1910 he had begun to lay out the key features of the garden, and by the 1920s he had twelve full-time gardeners working for him.
After World War II Johnston spent most of his time at Jardin Serre de la Madone, his garden in the south of France; and in 1947 he entrusted Hidcote to the National Trust.
The style of the garden has been widely imitated. In 2007 a temporary garden designed by Chris Beardshaw that drew inspiration from Johnson's Hidcote was constructed at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.
This year the garden was full och these "shard edged" tulips. In the entrance in yellow. Pink was the biggest theme of the garden this spring.

Just look at these magnificent tulips with its matching background!

Beautiful borders and my son specifically loved this cypress tree...

More pinks, here mixed with orange, brave!

Blues mixed with purple and lovely growing sculptures of birds.

My lovely husband Bruce is having a rest in of the lovely decorated "huts".

My son Hugo with girlfriend Perdi took the opportunity to have a rest at the same time.

The surrounding landscape looks like taken from a period drama! It is for real!

One of my favourite at this time of the year, Skunk Lily, yes, it stinks but is soo decorative...
We say goodbye from Hidcote with this lovely view...

Friday, 28 April 2017


I went to see a very good friend of mine lately. And found her house more beautiful and serene than ever. She has merged her big"summerhouse" (it is the house she grew up in)with the semidetached house in Stockholm suburbia. Her collection of art and ceramics from Upsala Ekeby sets the tone. Mixed with some new and old furniture she has created a home with a feel of an artists studio. She has frequently visited Mykonos with her family since the 1960s and the mix with her love of ceramics (mainly from Upsala Ekeby) has merged into a style of her own. 
A green installation in the corner of the "snug".

The ceramics is grouped by colour and shapes. Here some dark red with yellow! Artistic!

Barbro´s choice of art goes from naive Greek paintings to motives from Stockholm and Uppsala.
More vases and ceramics from Upsala Ekeby, grouped on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Calm and serene colourway.

The house is full of still lives. Here in the dining room.

Barbro loves green! On the second floor this still life can be found...

In the dining room we find a mix of colours and local art that Barbro picked up from boot sales and flee markets.

A traditional and very "kurbitz" corner cabinet filled with ceramics, another lovely still life by Barbro.
The darker and metallic glace is very typical for Upsala Ekeby.

Barbro is also a very big fan of Josef Frank and Svenskt Tenn.

Her love for green is most visible in the charming kitchen were the 1950s kitchen units has had their doors removed to make the decorative china visible to everyone.

Traditional Swedish kitchen furniture with the very "kitchen typical" bed sofa (sofa bed or bench bed) where the "servant/help" or the small children would sleep. The elephant print is by Josef Frank/Svenskt Tenn.

In the kitchen window, a selection of planters and pots from Upsala Ekeby.

The kitchen sofa is filled with cushions covered in fabric by Svenskt Tenn and traditional Swedish stripes. All in greens, of course!
In the snug/library upstairs more greens and pots from Greece.
More Upsala Ekeby in natural tones upstairs.

By one of the "ceramic stoves" (a typical Swedish feature)"kakelugn" more ceramics...