Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Nearly finished my Graphic Design HND degree and part of my final work is this book about Space which in my case are all about my house in the Swedish Archipelago and David Bowie. Strange mix you might think but for me it is the actual spacial space mixed with personal space. This is the cover and the size is 30x30 centimetres.

I also played around with the Aladdin Sane LP cover and merged my face into David Bowie's. This is how I would have looked in 1972 if I would then have dared to cut my hair like him and dye it red!

The interior of the house is also about space. This is two pages from the book about interior space.

More from the book. The island of Gåsö is full of space. A real oasis for the soul. I took these pictures to try to capture the essence of water, stones, cliffs, flowers and sea grass.

There will be an exhibition at college about SPACE, 16 Commercial Road, GLOUCESTER, UK. Part of my exhibit are these letters based on worlds like, space, David, Bowie, place etc...

More letters...

and more again..

I also redesigned the Aladdin Sane Cover with my face merged into it. I will recreate a full size printed cover mock up for the exhibition and it is also part of it.
And next week it is Swedish Midsummer. Next Friday I will be dancing on Gåsö around the Maypole and pretending to be a piglet after a herring lunch with aquavit and beer and followed by a BBQ and late night dancing to a live band. Watch this space next week for more.

My table decorations are waiting to come out of the cuboard, it will be nice to see them again! More soon!

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