Friday, 15 November 2013


The new collection by Isabel Marant for HM was released yesterday in chosen stores.  Unlike most of their earlier guest design appearances this collection is more commercial and will also better stocked and presented in bigger scale than the earlier guest collection (according to the showroom staff). Above, lovely wearable "black tie" jacket with the silver shimmering little number to go with it is reasonably priced and stunning!

Run girls to HM, these sequin throusers will disappear from the hangers! Perfect for all the Christmas parties and New Year Celebrations!

Sweet draped silver skirt! Worn by one of HM press office girls.

Shoes to die for? Sequins and black, raw and elegant at the same time!

My sister knitted a very similar jacket in the 70-ies, but in red. Now back! A woolly and fury warm number!

Think folklore, mexicans, biker jacket and here it is!

My first boyfriend had one of these in the early 70-ies! Back again! By Isabel Marant. Her collection includes mens and children as well. Hurry to HM while the collection lasts!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Just look at this gorgeous Mini that was parked outside my dentist on Harley Street in London recently. Since it is so lovely I wanted to share it with all my followers here on my blog.
Fantastic. I wonder if you can order one from Mini themselves?

Monday, 11 November 2013


Sir Paul Smith is one of my favorite designers. His quirky, elegant and super English style has conquered the whole world. To honour him and his work the Design Museum in London is having an exhibition about his career etc. Starts this Thursday 14 November. At the same time they are launching his new book!

His office at Kean Street in London. I was there doing an interview with Sir Paul a couple of years ago. It is the most amazing place to visit, and work in! Some will think it is cluttered and unorganized. I would say it is tidy and very inspirational! At the Design Museum they will try to copy this room into the exhibition. I cannot wait to go there!