Thursday, 26 March 2015


Super cool chic in monochrome dress and neon yellow jacket. Funky souly Afro hair and round glasses. So 70-is and so in at the moment. I shot her at London Fashion Week SS15 (September last year. She was really ahead of trends! Yellow has been around a while now in fashion and seems to be staying for a while. It is a very happy and uplifting colour that can refresh any wardrobe. Add a jacket, top, bag or shoes or why not just the nail varnish or eye shadow? Yellow is not just for Easter!

Perhaps not the most attractive colour for an eyeshadow, but fun! Models "shot" by me during London Fashion Week SS15 last September,

Skirt in yellow vinyl. Crazy outfit, neo punk or "deconstructed fashion" as I like to call it! SS15 by Meadham Kirkkhoff.

Something new for the Easter dinner table. These decorative and rustic bowls and plates are designed by Swedish design duo Sthål and called Arabesque. (Ellen Agenturer. Off to Sweden tomorrow. More from there.

Finally some interior design inspiration from Habitat who has incorporated a lot of yellow into their room sets lately. This is from their spring collection out now!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hi everybody. Sorry for not having blogged for a week or so. I have been very busy with college (doing an HND in Graphic Design @ Gloucestershirt College if you missed that) lately etc. Spring is trying to overtake winter and there is hope for summer! Habitat just launched their summer furniture on the web. Not a lot of new stuff but fresch! I am surprised on how styling and photo shoot of this type of products has not changed much since I started working with interior design photo shoots for magazines in the early 1980s! Looks pretty much the same... 

Habitat table ware for the summer is fresh and with African influences. Out now! I like!

Fresh Eames chairs (SCP has them in London/UK). These chairs along with more from Eames and with Waegner chair on a second place are a must for all hipsters and trendy people all over the world. Yes, they are great but I guess a lot of people play safe... At least add some colour if you dare... more soon. Do not miss to look at my new website

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


So, I managed to get in, into the most sought after exhibition in London, or even Europe, right now. The Alexander McQueen at the V&A. I have a press id but I had company of a very good friend of mine that did not. We got there at 10 am and queued up. And success! They have 200 tickets with slots over the day to sell in the morning. So be there early and you will have a good chance of getting in. We were there the first day and was lucky. This exhibition was partly first shown in New York's Metropolitan Museum in 2011 and has now been re curated by Claire Wilcox. I think that fashion is always hard to exhibit, it ends up with clothes on mannequins or dolls and feels stale and "dead". Some parts of this exhibition is just that, but has been put alive by adding more or less manipulated footage from catwalks. Impressive.
I missed more info etc about Lee himself, his background, inspiration, sketched etc. Voices about him from family, friends, colleagues etc. I kept comparing with the David Bowie exhibition where you got a lot of background (not enough) material and info that gave a more deep understanding of the artist. 

In one of the last rooms (with very high ceiling) the fashion was mixed with catwalk shows and the music used. The very same room is where the David Bowie concerts were shown (with the right music following you in the headphones provided) with a very similar exhibit solution. It would have been a good idea to have done something similar here... room for improvements. 
Video footage from catwalks gave the mannequins more life!

Unfortunately this happy Lee did not come through in the Savage Beauty exhibition. I had a very dark and secretive feel with strong influences to bondage and "dangerous" sex. I compared it with Jean-Paul Gaultier who also create very sexy and "dark" fashion. JPG:s love for life and happy outlook of life shines through. I am sorry to have to say that McQueen´s fashion leave you with a sense of sorrow and unease... Not all of it. He, like JPG was a tremendous tailor and took fashion to new heights and places.

I think the poster for the exhibition says it all. A bit scary and with a mask on...a cynical view of life and fashion...but oh, so extraordinary excellent...until 2 August 2015,

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Welcome to my new portfolio part of an assignment at my HND Graphic Design course at Gloucestershire College. I chose to turn it into a magazine since I am a journalist and now a graphic designer as well!  Let me know what you think. All I need is love and feedback! This is the digital version but I have added a picture of the physical version in the magic black box! Enjoy!

The physical magazine in its magic black box!

Friday, 6 March 2015


Time for the 70´s again! Flared trousers and flimsy shirt, the only difference is that then the shirt was a very tight fit! Notice the high waist. Matthew Williamson SS15!

Neo punk! Here to stay? Crazy and wonderful at the same time! Notice the washing up gloves and gladiators espadrillos! Meadham Kirchhoff SS15.

A mix of the 60´s and 70´s, lovely spring shoes with hints of Mary Quant! Orla Kiely in shops now (Clarks).

The sporty look is big this summer, preferably in blues, pinks or like here, red and burgundy. Topshop Unique out now!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Today I am going to be a critical towards todays treatment of journalists, writers and bloggers! We are hard working people who cannot survive by getting paint, clothes or just our names being mentioned. We eat, pay rent or have a mortgage, have children etc. We need to be payed for our work. The latest proposal I got when I asked if the Alcro Trend blog if they wanted something from Chelsea Flower Show was that yes, if I want to do it in exchange of paint! No wonder the quality on this blogs etc are often not up to standards. Shame on you Alcro and other companies acting in this way!The picture is from Habitat and their new range! I love the greys and yellows!