Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2014 to all my readers. I made these fab Christmas Swenglish Cupcakes, and are sharing the recipe with you. Ginger cookie spiced ones with blue berries and red icing. Disappearingly good!
Sorry for not having blogged a lot lately, have been very busy doing Graphic Design at College. Promise to improve from now on!
See you soon!!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Friday, 15 November 2013


The new collection by Isabel Marant for HM was released yesterday in chosen stores.  Unlike most of their earlier guest design appearances this collection is more commercial and will also better stocked and presented in bigger scale than the earlier guest collection (according to the showroom staff). Above, lovely wearable "black tie" jacket with the silver shimmering little number to go with it is reasonably priced and stunning!

Run girls to HM, these sequin throusers will disappear from the hangers! Perfect for all the Christmas parties and New Year Celebrations!

Sweet draped silver skirt! Worn by one of HM press office girls.

Shoes to die for? Sequins and black, raw and elegant at the same time!

My sister knitted a very similar jacket in the 70-ies, but in red. Now back! A woolly and fury warm number!

Think folklore, mexicans, biker jacket and here it is!

My first boyfriend had one of these in the early 70-ies! Back again! By Isabel Marant. Her collection includes mens and children as well. Hurry to HM while the collection lasts!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Just look at this gorgeous Mini that was parked outside my dentist on Harley Street in London recently. Since it is so lovely I wanted to share it with all my followers here on my blog.
Fantastic. I wonder if you can order one from Mini themselves?

Monday, 11 November 2013


Sir Paul Smith is one of my favorite designers. His quirky, elegant and super English style has conquered the whole world. To honour him and his work the Design Museum in London is having an exhibition about his career etc. Starts this Thursday 14 November. At the same time they are launching his new book!

His office at Kean Street in London. I was there doing an interview with Sir Paul a couple of years ago. It is the most amazing place to visit, and work in! Some will think it is cluttered and unorganized. I would say it is tidy and very inspirational! At the Design Museum they will try to copy this room into the exhibition. I cannot wait to go there!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Isabel Marant for HM

At HMs Showroom in London, preview of Isabel Marant's collection for the big fashion giant!
Elegant and easy wearing and @ the same time with 70-ies flashbacks! 
Well done Isabel and HM! Will be in a HM-shop near you 14 November (check online to be sure they have this collection at your local store

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Decorex a couple of weeks ago, little did I know how much I would mix in with my then outfit! Kaleidoscope patterns, pinks and burgundy, greens and black!

Birds (in accurate colours) are very "in" at the moment. These embroided wall decorations are made by "jailbirds".

Letters are still around, here on cushions from The Rug Company´s latest collection. Again, marzipan coloured letters!

Cole and Son, famous for their retro- and retro inspired wallpapers showed this pastel coloured interior with a black backdrop. Makes me think of Swedish Marzipan covered "Princess cake"! Sweet and cool at the same time.

At Chelsea Design Center these apetizing cupcakes were served! Very fashionable eating.

Timourous Beasties, the coolest wallpaper designers at the moment. They had the honour to decorate the ladies quarters at Decorex. Little did I know when I dressed that morning!

Monday, 7 October 2013


Pink, powderblue, pale or citrus yellow, slightly hairy and oversized. Get your shade of not grey coat this winter. Here are some of the high end ones, but H&M, Topshop, Asos etc all have their versions. Make it yours!

Why not in lilac with red over the knees boots! Sexy and girly at the same time!

Pink is of course the biggest colour for your coat this winter. Here three slightly different versions. Go for your model...

From Moscow, this is how it should look! Add your dog to it!(Jewish Press)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Today from Paris! Miu Miu:s latest look. Takes me back to my teens. Courrèges inspired coat and the knitted tights. Not to mention the blue eyeshadow. Mine was from Dior in 1971 and my father teased me for having a black eye every morning at breakfast! I love it though! Even this winter we are in the early 70-ies with oversized  coats in pink, babyblue and yellow. More later. Sorry all my lovely readers for not having been on so much lately, been in college doing graphic design. More about that too later...

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Went to Decorex in London yesterday! And this is a little preview of what I saw! A mix of patterns and colours . Optical with flowers, turquoise blues with salmon/coral pinks! Hawaiian Tropical! This was the stand of The world of Interiors, their style is typically sophisticated, convention English quirkiness, as always!

Lelièvre showed the second fabric collection by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Similar colourway and patterns that mixes Madonna like images with old fashioned bookmarks! I like!

Came across these Moroccan tables/chairs in lovely shades. Mixes well with the above interiors! More tomorrow!

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Not only has Jasper Conran done wonders with Conran Shop after he has take over from his father, but also added a lot of table settings to inspire the customers!

One part of the shop is dedicated to organic crops etc and gardening, very nice display. Go and see for yourself next time you are in London. Fulham Road/Sloane Street, Fulham!

Judd at Conrans this week, cleanism at it´s best! Sir Terence Conrans fashion designer son has taken over the running of the shop and he has done wonders!

Saturday, 21 September 2013


At Designjunction I bumped into my old friends the architect and design trio Claesson, Koivisto and Rune who had designed these cosy lamps for The Andes House. Just one of the many destinations during LDF. Puh, got home yesterday afternoon after having done London Fashion Week and London Design Festival. Very inspiring and fun though!

Conran Shop is these days run by Sir Terence fashion designer son Jasper. And very well so! This was part of their exhibition during LDF, more about it later!

Reuse and vintage is still very much on! Here Galapagos that is trying to produce vintage furniture in new clothes as a line! Nice!

Hanging lamps, in a bunch or hung together is the big trend! Glass, metal, ceramic, wood - any materiel is aloud.
Ceramics are very much inspired by old designs, from the Victorian times to the 50-is and 60-is. Hot pink and gold are really hot here!

Neon's as an accent colour give that little extra to your interior or home! Very in! This was just a little preview of what to come here. Follow me and see more during the following week!

Friday, 20 September 2013


Tricia Guild launched her new book, Colours, yesterday at her home store on Kings Road in Chelsea/London. The flagship store had been redesigned in blues and greens with a hint of neon pink! Refreshing and vibrant! More about the fabric side of trends from me next week when Focus (Chelsea Design Center, Decorex and a lot of the interior design fabric showrooms show their new collections.

When I was working with Elle Decoration in Sweden in 1990 the trend was very much about branches! It is all back but more colourful and oversized! There was also a big focus on lamps in any forms at London Design Festival this year, from floor lamps like this to hanging ones in glass, with croched shades etc. More next week...

Knitted, croched...the handicraft trend when i comes to lampshades continues. This i saw at Tent yesterday...more later on I am on my way to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see some more design...full report next week! Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Breakfast was served at Tom Dixon in Portobello Docks yesterday morning (not in this new set, new coffee/tea set by in Brass by Tom).   

Moooi had made their exhibiton at their showroom in Portobello Docks more human! Felt like you were in somebodies home! Well worth a visit if you are in London this week!

Breakfast à la John Bauer at Moooi. Lovely display made me feel like a little troll in the forest. Lovely!

Tom Dixon held a fun speach with his little dog under the arm!

New kitchen gadget from Tom coming soon, and a new book is out! More to come here soon!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Pink are the must colour for this winters coat and we will see so much more of it next spring and summer, and for ones the interior design was there first! Above, supermodel Cara in Mulberry SS14! Note the red shoes!

The trouser dress in pink at Fashionscout SS14!

Pink pencil skirt and chocking pink shoes. Fashionista at Somerset House earlier this week.

These girls got it right for this winter, pink coat and jacket spiced up with a light blue bag!

Pink dress and make! Note the pink eyebrows!

Happy blogger in pink and red!

I just love this MC Jacket for next summer from Zoe Jordan.

Australian blogger in pink from top till toe!

English blogger in Topshops shiny overall!

From Topshop just now!
Montana chair á la Spaghetti (original from Alias) in pink. Carpet from Bolon. Shown today in the press room at Designjunction, The Sorting Office, New Oxford Street, Central London! More tomorrow!