Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Just been on a trip to Sweden to meet friends and enjoy some winter wonderland...First stop Uppsala to meet up with dear friend Barbro! (More details to come).

Second stop Mora and the famous Zorn House. I can recommend it! What an artist and what a house! (I will do a blog about it).

Next up Sävsjöstugan in Messlingen Fjällby, Härjedalen. Unfortunately not as much skiing as we thought but nice weather and lovely saunas! A week full of happy memories but also some grief since this was my late parents timeshare and I spent a lot of nice times there with them.

Went to Åre, the "capital" of downhill skiing of Sweden to visit our friend Lena who lives here. Spent some lovely days there walking and eating etc. More later.

Finally, we went to Orsa, which is where my mother is from. Spent some time at the graveyard to see if we could find the gravestones of relatives, but unfortunately none was found. More about this trip soon!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Just finished working with the latest design show in London, London Design Week SS17! Lots of lovely greens and Nordic influences. Think jungle, tropical rain forests and Nordic bare landscapes (in winter). Above the latest from Harlequin, deep greens with black and a hint of yellow. A bit retro and geometrical (chemical) forms on the coffee- and side table in brass! I like. Note the circular mirror.

Like lava (fungus) growing on the trees like it does up in northern Sweden. This atmospheric collection by Villa Nova, "Norrland", has captured the sentiment of the natural beauty and the northern light. Nordic light here we come!

More from the "Norrland" collection, this time in the more earthy colourway. Villa Nova.
Scandinavian and functional design in a more colourful way by Designers Guild in citric shades of yellow and green.

I was suitably dressed without knowing it, here with Tricia Guild at the press breakfast at her flagship store on Kings Road. A London Design Week traditional start of the long day! I am off skiing next week but will try to post something from Norrland where I will be!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Today this lovely lady, author, journalist and broadcaster Helena von Zweigbergk has travelled to London from her native Stockholm/Sweden to talk about her writing etc (Womans Day tomorrow) for the Swedish Network Organisation SVEABRITT (professional Swedish Women in the UK). She will soon have one of her books released in English. More about that later.

Frills and tartan checks are more than "in". Look at this from AW 17 but some are already in the shops now!

Pinks are another "in" colour if you haven´t noticed! Already in the shops, HM, Office etc. This is from Sophia Webster AW17!

Crochet is still in the picture. If you are the DIY type make your own. This is from Mulberry AW17.

And the handbag should be yellow, and in a "camera model".This one from Kityama, seen at LFW AW17 a couple of weeks ago! More soon.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


During and just after London Fashion Week last week Burberry opened up the Burberry Makers House for everybody to see. Here designer Christopher Bailey (pictured in the bottom left) showed were and how he got the inspiration to his latest collection. The late British sculptor Henry Moore was the big inspiration this season with his famous and sensual bronze sculptures. A few of his original work and models was showed here and also mood boards etc and, of course, the new collection along with the unique capes that was created solely for the catwalk. Made from glass, metal, feathers, fur, string and shoe soles etc

Some of the capes.

This was my favourite, made entirely from shoe soles!

Part of the new collection, the coat in glen check is a must next winter!

Feathers and silk and passementeries from the unique capes shown at Makers House.

The model to his famous sculpture in polystyrene with a decorative mix of his tools in the background.

Henry Moore loved sheep. This cape is dedicated that love.

Henry Moore was always dressed in blue, some say it was to match his intensively blue eyes...some of the collection was inspired by Henry's working clothes.

White, black and lace, the basics in this new collection!
More inspiration from sheep! Now we are looking forward to what Burberry will come up with for next season...