Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Just been on a trip to Sweden to meet friends and enjoy some winter wonderland...First stop Uppsala to meet up with dear friend Barbro! (More details to come).

Second stop Mora and the famous Zorn House. I can recommend it! What an artist and what a house! (I will do a blog about it).

Next up Sävsjöstugan in Messlingen Fjällby, Härjedalen. Unfortunately not as much skiing as we thought but nice weather and lovely saunas! A week full of happy memories but also some grief since this was my late parents timeshare and I spent a lot of nice times there with them.

Went to Åre, the "capital" of downhill skiing of Sweden to visit our friend Lena who lives here. Spent some lovely days there walking and eating etc. More later.

Finally, we went to Orsa, which is where my mother is from. Spent some time at the graveyard to see if we could find the gravestones of relatives, but unfortunately none was found. More about this trip soon!

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