Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Happy Easter with feathers. A traditional Easter decoration in Sweden. And, Sweden here I come. Watch this space for more Easter in Nordic Noir...

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Today we are grieving - for Brussels and Belgium. Let us all try not to let this give the terrorists too much attention, that is what they are scare us all. Life has to go on... Business as usual... 

Monday, 21 March 2016


Spring at Kings Road London with this graphic window display by SpaceNK.

Easter bunnies and eggs etc, again a very graphic window display. This time by M&S on Kings Road.

Bunny Biscuit, looks like ginger with some lovely gooey jam filling. Gail´s at Kings Road. Notice the bunny tail in icing sugar glazing. Get baking!

Cute Bunny Cup Cakes. Why not try this at home! Stick some decorated finger biscuits in the cup cake before adding the rest of the icing. Fun. More ideas to follow...

Friday, 18 March 2016


Sophisticated French Boudoir, or simple and flowery springlike interior design. Whatever you want it to be it is in my view fresh and inviting. One of the highlight of London Design Week 2016. Designers Guild, of course! More to by Ann-Katrin Berggren.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


One of the most striking showrooms at London Design Week 2016/Design Centre Chelsea Harbour was Harlequin with the burnt orange sofa and a mix of metals and grey "surface" patterns. From birch-barch to rusty metal and marble. Metals from silver to gold and copper, mat or shiny,  are still a significant element on the interior scene right now.

Matt gold, brass, crystals and verdigris copper are the inspiration to this elegant wallpaper by Cole & Son.

Pale pink, coral and greys. A calm and serene colour combination for spring. This table setting with linen cloth and napkins and a Scandinavian retro chair was part of Designers Guilds new displays for London Design Week. The Monday morning traditionally starts with breakfast hosted by Tricia Guild. More from LDW tomorrow!

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Wished I was here today! Soon. This picture was taken a year ago in March. It is the view from my house in the Stockholm Archipelago. Easter here we by Ann-Katrin Berggren

Thursday, 10 March 2016


This time of the year I am really longing to go to our retreat in the Stockholm Archipelago. The calmness, the solitude and the natural beauty. The interior design has really hold considering it was done nearly ten years ago. The whitewashed Dinesen floors, the Furninova sofa and the green accessories. Photo, Magnus Anesund. 

The cowskin was bought at Bolia and little did I know then that in the market place in my home town they were selling even more beautiful cow skins at a much better price (around £150) I later got one for my sister who was inspired by this room when she redecorated her livingroom at home. Photo Magnus Anesund.
The armchair was a gift from a friend over twenty years ago and we had it reupholstered a couple of years ago with sheepskin. It turned out that the cute armchair was designed in 1938 by the danish architect and designer Viggo Mortensen. Photo Magnus Anesund.

Market Place in Chipping Campden(The Cotswolds UK) turnes into a cow skin market on Sundays. Local skins to very good prices. Photo Ann-Katrin Berggren

This sofa with cushions in pastels were shown this February at Stockholm Furniture Fair. Made me think of my own house! Photo Ann-Katrin Berggren.

Small sofa and armchair in sheep skin, also shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair this February! Photo Ann-Katrin Berggren.

These wall clocks would fit in perfectly, Hay. Photo Ann-Katrin Berggren.

And finally, the new range, "Viktigt" by Ingegerd Råman & Co for Ikea is simple and absolutely stunning. The whole collection, from furniture to tableware, was designed as if it was for my house! Photo Ann-Katrin Berggren.

Monday, 7 March 2016


Today is International Womens Day and I will be celebrating together with my community of Swedish Ladies, SveaBritt, and guests by listening to the CEO of the Tate group, Kertin Mogull, at our annual springdinner on this very special day. She will speak about how to take Tate and their musuems into the future and female leadership of today!

Idéen till motivet kom efter jag installerat en utställning på Svenska Institutet förra februari, strax efter massakern på Charlie Hebdo....och jag färdigställde bilden den dagen efter nästa attack i Paris i november..... Jag funderade helt enkelt på om planeten skulle vara en fredligare plats om fler kvinnor satt vid makten....bilden heter “Liberté, égalité, maternité”, dvs “Frihet, jämlikhet och moderskap”.  "The idea to this poster came after an installation at the Swedish Institute in Paris last February, just after the massacre on Charlie Hebdo...and I finished the picture the day after the next attack in Paris in November...I was simply wondering if the planet would be a more peaceful place if more women were at "the seat of power"...the poster is named "Liberté, égalité, maternité, i.e. "Freedom, equality and motherhood"... Poster and graphic design by Maria Holmer Dahlgren, formerly working with the stationery retailer "Ordning & Reda" etc and now a freelancer. This poster are perfect for today since we have not got there yet, i.e. equality has a long way to go, still...

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Went for a lovely long walk last Sunday and came across this recently new gastro pub/restaurant in the charming and "London weekenders" Kingham in The Cotswold's.

The Wild Rabbit is owned by the Banford family who also are behind Daylesford Organic near Kingham. They specialise in organic food and restaurants etc.

This recent addition to their empire is typical for the London weekenders kind of pub and looks authentic but has been created to meet these needs.

We did not eat, it was fully booked, but had a nice coffee and bought some cool grey t-shirts for £20 each. Affordable. The menu was very "gastropubish" and at London prices, i.e. high for this area.

We will probably come back and test the food before I get any further in judging...

The outdoor area looked very inviting and had that right weathered look, again, not natural but "designed" to attract the London set.

More from the outside with the typical Daylesford animated plants.

The exterior in its full!

The sign it its full glory.