Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I love shoes...have to many already so will not add any more this spring. But if I could it would be some of these...spotted artistic from Dune. Lovely.

The same goes for these. I had something similiar back in 1969, well, that says something about my age. Dune again...

No, this is not a retro looking radio, it is a handbag. So cool and quirky...from Accessorize, who else...

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Underwear are in focus...from lacy, sexy, pinks, nude and black to sporty, comfortable, stretchy and simple. Selfridges has opened a new body shop on their third floor. Female and male. At the same time you can enjoy the history of underwear at Victoria & Albert Museum, "Undressed. A brief history of underwear. (until 12 March 2017)

Sporty from white to black.

Not only underwear but swimwear and sportswear as well...

Cool sportswear...

From yoga to mindfulness, soft and transparent...

Ballet and jazz, all for dancing classes...

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Like a sail attached to the old building of Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, London. A spectacular architectural building by the late Zaha Hadid who so tragically died from a heart attack earlier this year. She was a pioneer, not only for being a women in the very men dominated world of architects,  but for her creative and feminine approach to architecture. The "Magazine" cafe and restaurant lies in the park like a peace of art.

Inside, a wide and airy space with lots of light.

 A lot of work has been put into the details. Design management and branding on a high level. From the Alvar Aalto vases to the softly edged chairs and geometric tables. Even the coffee cups have a soft and rounded irregular shape.

 A lovely spot where to have a coffee or light meal in the spring sun.

By the Serpentine and not far away from the cafe and gallery you can find this arched sculpture by the famous English artist Henry Moore. It is self worth av visit to Hyde Park! All photos by Ann-Katrin Berggren

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I was in London during the weekend attending a fab party. We stayed close to Hyde Park, very convenient since the current exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery are showing work by the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. "Painting the unseen".

The exbition are showing her abstract work that are considered being the start of this art era. She wrote in her will that this line of her work should not be shown until after her death (she died in 1944). But it took until 1986 until this work was finally shown. Her amazing work are now being exhibited at the Swerpentine Gallery, Hyde Park, London until 15 May.

Hilma formed a group "De fem" (The Five) with fellow female artists and they were having "seances" to connect with the "other world". This serie of work is related to this group and her spiritual life.

Hilma was also very interested in the organic world and its forms - and opposites. Here in black and white. I was dressed accordingly!

The abstract and geometrical...

Her choice of colour combinations would have worked perfectly in the world of fashion and interiors today. This colour scheme is very much what is predicted for this spring and summer.

She also researched the classic circle in basic black and white. This is early 1900:s! This exhibition is a must! Do not miss it. It is free, in a good spot and the size of the exhibition is very managable!

Finish off by having lunch or just a coffee at the "Magazine" bar and restaurnat designed by the late Zaha Hadid (sadly to young and very recent death), next door!
All photography by Ann-Katrin Berggren.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


"Blåsippan ute i backarna står" is a line from a traditional Swedish folksong about spring and the early signs of it. This lovely blue flower (a type of anemone) is the first out. Like beautiful blue stars on the ground.

The sea was very blue today! Not today this was a week ago! My favourite view - from our terrace at Gåsö.

The moss of the stone is like a soft fabric and creates maps on the rocks...

The big rocks looks like they have been moved or thrown by big wonder Grieg wrote the thunderous music about them...

The sea grass has turned yellow and has created this piece of art together with the aquamarine coloured sea and the dark brown trees. I am leaving my lovely place for this time but will be back soon for more...