Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Sorry guys for not keeping my promise of next day blogging. One of my favourites on the catwalk at LFWMSS18 was as usual Christopher Raeburn. Sporty, wearable, recyclable, conscious fashion for both men and women. This season a bit more daring than usual.

More Christopher Raeburn who uses recyclable and reused materials. Here in grey with a new take on the bomber jacket.

Transparent for boys! With a clear sporty look and the sweet mouse on the top! More soon from LFWMSS18 and from my beautiful island of Gåsö where I am now!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Goodmorning Sunday, on my way to see some more men´s fashion in London. Topman etc... Follow me on instagram to see what is happening today. A new post will be here tomorrow!
Happy Sunday to you all!

Thursday, 8 June 2017


The sweetest invitation so far in LFWM:s history. Christopher Raeburn, the king of reuse, recycle and sporty designs, sent out this lovely invitation. It will be very exciting to see what he is up to this time. More to come tomorrow from LFWMSS18...see you then.

Monday, 5 June 2017


Circles! A reoccurring theme this year at Chelsea Flower Show. This is The Breast Cancer Now Garden "Through the Microscope". designed by Ruth Willmott Associates. And of course the garden symbolise breast cancer seen through the microscope!
Circles drawing you into Raymond Blanc´s private garden.

Cut flowers arranged in circles in the Great Pavilion.

Balls of rattan and Alliums in the Chelsea Gardens.

Lacquered rings, decorative in a small garden.

A garden full of roses all year round. Metal roses in a ball!

Slate, in a ball etc, a much used stone at Chelsea this year.

More stones, not sure if they are slate, but could be...more from Chelsea to come soon!