Friday, 20 January 2017


Spring colours and with a scheme that I remember from the 1970s with pink, lilac, powder blue and yellows. Mixed up with black today at COS (designed at their Paris Atelier). I want it all but left with a pair of pastel coloured socks!

This jumper reminded me of Siblings trademark pattern and knitted fashion. COS at Oxford Street.

This citric and black mix looks like Agnes b, Paris,  to me, but then this line is designed in Paris according to COS.

On Duke Street just off Oxford Street opposite Selfridges you can find this cooperation between Jigsaw (fashion) The shop at bluebird and coffee shop Fernandez and Wells, an oasis in this busy environment.

I just love these pastel graphic design. Goes well with then new trends for home and fashion this spring.

Urban Outfitters is going graphic in pastels. Oxford Street.

Lovely croissants and sandwiches with some of the best coffee in London, Fernandez and Wells at Duke Street/Oxford Street. A calm place for a Oxford Street shoppers brake... All pictures by me, 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Pale pink, orange and vanilla yellow, the right mix just now, from interiors to fashion. With hints of Bauhaus and Memphis and the 1980s. Geometric shapes and soft and "low" furnished furniture. Petite Friture.

The colourmix has highlights in red and with a base of grey. Bauhaus inspired furniture with hints of 50s and 80s.

Chair "Grid" by french duo Pool for Petite Friture, an hommage à Bauhaus.

The sisterduo Felder & Felders showed this for SS17, pink and orange at it´s best. London Fashion Week SS17.

The colourmix by Paul Smith in this soft and feminin dress for SS17.

Pink suit by Paul Smith, notice the lining in orange!

Pink and yellow for boys SS17, Richard James! Photo courtesy of Petite Friture, Vogue and AK Berggren.

Sunday, 15 January 2017


Glen Checks are going big next winter season for men according to Topman, Oliver Spencer etc. From short coats, single- or double breasted, to bomber jackets and trousers. Take an extra look at the trousers with "puffed" "ends". Topman seen at London Fashion Week Men´s AW17 last week.

Single breasted and more muted checks at London Fashion Week Men´s at 180 The Strand.

This is the look for next atumn and winter! Glen checked jacket, pink corduroy "workers trousers" with patched knees, polo neck jumper. Oliver Spencer AW17.

Monday, 9 January 2017


More neon's were shown yesterday at London Fashion Week Men´s at Aldwych. Knits in greys and "patchwork" from Christoper Raeburn, known as the "prince of recycling".

Sibling, the knit- and crochet experts were this season inspired by Gaudí and his wonderful park of mosaics etc in Barcelona. I found elements of the Memphis Group (Milano, interiors) and Kenzo in this colourful and happy collection for all genders! More to come, now off to Belstaff, it will be an effort, tube strike in London so Bus here I come!

Sunday, 8 January 2017


London based Danish designer Astrid Andersen continued her street fashion by adding a lot of glamour to it. Golden velvet, shining animal prints etc. Alongside this style the we saw a lot of casual hipster fashion with short woolly coats with matching trousers and salt&pepper inspired weaves. Oliver Spencer was unusually colourless...blacks and greys etc. The hipster is dead, long live the hipster!

Saturday, 7 January 2017


London Fashion Week Men started traditionally off with Topman. As usual young and very trendy fashion. Surprisingly colourful with neon's and bright orange and yellow etc. Still lots of hint of the 1970s. Cartoon- and tattoo-inspired patterns on tee shirts and jackets!

Wool bouclé, soft and snug will be on lots of jackets and coats AW17. Here from Craig Green with matching wide trousers.

Yellow has been an upcoming colour for a few seasons now. Sporty and fresh from MAN (Feng.

Nigel Cabourn had worked together with Swedish Sports brand Peak Performance. A very successful collaboration where work wear and sports meet. From camouflage patterns to pilot jackets in sheepskin. More to come later...

Friday, 6 January 2017


The first fashion event of the year, London Fashion Week Men (changed name from London Collection Men) AW17 starting today. More to come this evening and tomorrow so watch this space!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Happy New Year to all of my readers. I am really happy to see 2016 go! It was a (pardon my french) a real "shit year". We lost a lot of talented people, from David Bowie to Prince and George Michael (I loved them all), and then there was Brexit, Trump ... and the list goes on...I personally had some unexpected losses, blood is NOT thicker than...loss of loyalty, empathy and friendship within my family and friends but out of all this came new friends and deepened loyalty, understanding and support from old and new relations. We also had a new grandchild and some new work, our son Hugo got into the University of his choice and is happy, so all was not bad...but I am so relieved to welcome 2017 where I will flush a few people and problems away and give space for optimism and loyalty. (picture: the cover of Time Out in December).

From now on I will stop looking down and only look forward and up...

I literally flushed the negatives of 2017 away when I went to the V&A this week. The exhibition "You say you want a revolution" I highly recommend! Personally I will have my own revolution and cut out all negatives and try to only work and live positively.! HAPPY NEW 2017