Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Happy New Year to all of my readers. I am really happy to see 2016 go! It was a (pardon my french) a real "shit year". We lost a lot of talented people, from David Bowie to Prince and George Michael (I loved them all), and then there was Brexit, Trump ... and the list goes on...I personally had some unexpected losses, blood is NOT thicker than...loss of loyalty, empathy and friendship within my family and friends but out of all this came new friends and deepened loyalty, understanding and support from old and new relations. We also had a new grandchild and some new work, our son Hugo got into the University of his choice and is happy, so all was not bad...but I am so relieved to welcome 2017 where I will flush a few people and problems away and give space for optimism and loyalty. (picture: the cover of Time Out in December).

From now on I will stop looking down and only look forward and up...

I literally flushed the negatives of 2017 away when I went to the V&A this week. The exhibition "You say you want a revolution" I highly recommend! Personally I will have my own revolution and cut out all negatives and try to only work and live positively.! HAPPY NEW 2017

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