Friday, 25 October 2019


It´s Autumn in the Stockholm Archipelago. One of my favourite times of the year to be there/here. Everything is very calm, nature, the island since most people have closed down their houses for the winter and only come out on the occasional weekend. We had a big tree that fell in front of our house during the Alvine storm last winter and now is the time to put all the branches on the fire (only allowed this time of the year). After a couple of hours of hard work I relaxed by reading in our very comfy sofa while enjoying the perfect view of the sea.

Halloween is coming up and I invested in some orange flowers to decorate with. More about Halloween soon.

The pumpkin is waiting to be cut and meanwhile it is looking good on our big picnic table.

Cosing up for the evening. We love the sun cell driven lights, a gift from my dear friend Leena!

Blue hour and lots of candlelight.

Our lovely big room facing the sea, feels like you are outside inside. We are never bored of the view that changes all the time.

Baking is one thing I find that I have the time and calm to do when I am at our seaside retreat. Swedish BULLA, i.e. cinnamon and cardamom buns with lots of butter, yummy.

Thursday, 17 October 2019


Puff sleeves are back in fashion, again.(Baby doll dress by Richard Quinn using recycled materiels for SS20).
 When I was 17 I made my own puff sleeved tops and wore them with sailor type wide black throusers and flat black square shaped shoes. 

I am not quite as sure that the politics at the time in the world were as puffed up as they are now. Just think of Trump and Boris who are puffing up there sleeves with lies, alternative facts and false promises. How did we get here... They are both using democracy to get their way, finding the loop holes in the system to try to get what they want. Screaming out alternative facts to the people, of which many do not know better than to believe. It is a DISASTER. The word SHAME and LOYALTY  has been forgotten or/and lost its values. Missing in today's self centred me´s. For me loyalty is a major value in my life. It was makes me tick and want to move on. Unfortunately I have been let down by close family and friends these last five years and wonder why they are not being more shamed by people around them who knows what they have done and are capable of. It make us, the victims, the criminals. The punished. I´d wished there was a new Greta who was more tuned into politics. A person that can communicate the big risks it involves to back Trump and Boris up. We must update our knowledge in history and remember how Europe was just 20 years ago. Today we can travel and work more or less freely and enjoy Europe as a friendly and easy place to live and make our living. The promise that these people make about making USA and UK the big nations they once were is a fantasy. We have to remember how it actually was, and, that despite all, the world is a better place today than it was then. What we have to concentrate on now is stop pollution, and work together on the climate change and stop closing borders. Alone is not strong, not an option. We have to work together, the whole world. Stay loyal to our believes and make these leaders walk down the road of shame.

Friday, 27 September 2019


I have been to London again. London Fashion Week and London Design Festival. It has taken me nearly a week to fully recover and digest all new design and information. Above, first destination in Chelsea as the start of the Chelsea Design Week and Focus (Chelsea Harbour Design Centre) William Yeoward and my green outfit (Zara, Topshop and John Levis) matched the interior perfectly. A lot of green this season when it comes to interior design and its fabrics.
I took one break this week, Sunday. Since staying with friends near Queens Park it was a treat to visit "Queens Park Day" with everything from Salsa dancing to upholstery (pictured;,) Lamb racing and street food. I love this fabric in velvet with fruit and veg! All for Homeless People!

One of the highlight - as usual - was, of course, Designers Guild on Kings Road. Not only is Tricia Guild just releasing her memoirs, but she is also to be the next to be exhibited at Fashion & Textile Museum in Bermondsey early next year! Exciting!

From the garden at Designers Guild, always very botanical and inspiring.

More greens at Designers Guild, a lot of Art Deco inspiration this season.

Across the street from DG is O&L (Osborne & Little) equally very green this autumn! And quite art deco-ish!

Green plants live and on the walls, Osborne and Little.

Modern tradition with retro styled furniture and flowery vases and cushions, made me think of the Bloomsbury Group.

Greens and blues. Petroleum blue is a big colour in interior at the moment. I remember it being super fashionable in my teens with flowery blouses from Cacharel and corduroy trousers from Fosters (1971).

More Victorian and Deco inspiration at J.P. Baker with a Shabby Chic feeling. Focus.

For every season the common areas  at the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour are redecorated. This time with green stars and big round lamps in fabrics from the showrooms.

Recycling is now compulsory in fashion. I love these shoes from Ancuta Sarca made from recycled materials and Nike trainers. LFW at 180, The Strand.

Mixed upholstered chairs at 100% design.

At Tom Dixon at the Coal Yard, a forest installation in the office for the senses...

More recycling. Me myself in green (Zara and sneakers from &other stories) in a recycled chair made from an old armchair and a bath tub! By Bim Burton at Kings Cross/Designjunction. I will now be off to Yorkshire for a miniholiday and will be back soon with more from LFW and LDF and more...

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Last night I attended a very interesting talk with Italian designer and architect Paola Navone about her career but also about her collaboration with Italian furniture company Baxter at Silvera on Kings Road. She is so down to earth and enjoyable to listen to!

At Focus at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre I bumped into Sue Timney of Timney & Fowler. We go back nearly 30 years. I love her black and white neoclassical designs.

Greens everywhere, even in the ceiling at Focus.

A vibrant Art Deco feeling at Designers Guild uplifted by citric coloured cushions.Tonight Tricia Guild is launching her "design memoirs". More about that to come here soon...

Sunday, 15 September 2019


8.45 Friday morning. Time for the yearly press tour of the V&A etc with the team of London Design Festival. At the new entrance your were met by this installation, "Non-Pavilion" where you can view different ways of filling in this space by iPad controlled alternatives.
In the main entrance, "Sea Things" by Sam Jacob Studio exploring how the sea will be half filled up with plastic if we go on like we are now without recycling and rethinking. Beautifully scary!
Bamboo Ring: Weaving into Lightness by Kengo Kuma. In the courtyard on the basin at the V&A. A weaving installation on bamboo and carbon that gives this stainless steel strenght.
Please be Seated! Recycled scaffolding forming a rolling landscape at Broadgate that invites you to take a break or to just walk trough the arched "tunnels". An amazing project by British Land.

Please be Seated!
Flower installation at Kings Cross by the Coal Office.

Disco Carbonara, "This one-off-site-specific installation is a playful temporary addition to the Kings Cross architecture; a false facade of a disco with a fresh take on a traditional cladding from the Italian Alps.
In the Tapestry Room at the V&A contemporary artist Demond Melanoon and Assemble are collaborating with the V&A to bring Melanooons´s huge Mardi Gras Indian suits composed to intricately hand-sewn bead work to the Tapestries Gallery. His work draws a broad variety o stylistic influences, addresses stereotypical representations of black people, and tells powerful stories from his experience of the African diaspora. (From the LDF catalogue).

Iri-Descent by Liz West at Fortnum and Mason. A work that absorbs your own colours and just mixes in perfectly into the Fortnum and Mason atrium at their flagship store in Piccadilly. We just hope it will be there for some to time to come. Today is Sunday and I am taking a day off design and visiting the Queens Park Day celebrations. More from London Design Festival and London Fashion Week tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


LONDON FASHION WEEK starts this Friday in a new format. From having been only for the trade and fashion professionals they are now opening the doors to the public, for money. Blogger Alexa Chung and designer Henry Holland are having catwalks shows were anyone can buy tickets for alongside the normal "closed" catwalks.  The British Fashion Council has struggled the last couple of years to get enough exhibitors and catwalks. Mainly due to the internet this tend to be spreading around the world and recently the Swedish Fashion Council had to cancel their Fashion Week due to lack of funding etc. There explanation is that they will try to find a more sustainabale way of working with this kind of events. The fashion industry is struggling, the high streets are losing out. The whole world is changing and from attitude to values and how to communicate with each other. The future is a mystery and we are not sure were it is going to land. London Fashion Week are trying the commercial way by getting the public in. Good luck with that. I do hope it doesn´t mean that bloggers, influencers, vloggers etc witt take over from freethinking and independant journalists and broadcasters. The same is happening to the interior design industry and it will be interesting to see how the London Design Festival is going to turn out this year. I will be attending both and report here. Do not miss it!

Monday, 9 September 2019


Yes, yellow is still going strong. I was in Stockholm during Summer Design Week and this is part of what I saw. I was surprised that the sunny colour is still going strong. From a biker jacket (recycled leather) that I saw at Ek PR.

Often in combination with black and pink as on this table with tiled top by House Doctor.

Stylish retro lamps and plastic rugs Dynamo.

Classic forms with exciting glaze, looks like it is from the east but is genuinly designed in Sweden by Sthål (Tres Pr). Love it!

Add orange, curry and pink...velvet cushions by Jakobsdals/Formex.

You might think this is a bit noveaux riche, but I kind of like it. Warm yellow velvet with tassels in a lovely company of blacks and beige notes, Jakobsdals/Formex.

Mateus had joined up with Pierre Frey and showcased a tablesetting, yes, in yellow.

Part of the Mateus meets Pierre Frey exhibition at Mateus flagship store at Karlavägen in Stockholm. Inspiring!

I was coordinated for the show at Mateus!

Grey and yellow, a stylish combination. Mateus.

Arty glass with knots, Hay.

More yellow in combination with pink, for the table at Hay.

Pinks, yellows from floor to ceiling at Gulleds/Hay etc.

Even in Högalidsparken yellow was around. Chairs from Nola.

Took a nostalgic trip around the south part of Stockholm where I use to live. Came across this window with new fashionable clogs in yellow!

In the high fashion Swedish brand J.Lindeberg the shop on Götgatan had just been redecorated in citric yellow. The same colour I use to have in my little dining room when I lived in Stockholm. Refreshing and sunny all day  round.

Really like these cushions with visible zips and in corduroy. Made me think of my teenage years in the 1960s! Sköna Ting.

I also really like this vase for eight flowers by Sköna Ting. A simple way of adding some life to a table without having to spend to much money on flowers. More soon and also some reflections coming about Brexit, peoples attitudes about right and wrong today and more trends from Formex, London Fashion Week and London Design Week.