Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Am I an influencer? What is an influencer? Who is an influencer. Bloggers, instagrammers, twitters, and now Influencer. Who makes these words up? Most of those that call themselves or are called Influencers by others today are influenced by who pays them to influence their readers and followers. And it seems to sad. I am a journalist and was for a long time paid by a magazine company to report, write and style new trends etc about fashion, interiors and food. Whatever I was influenced by was filtered through my integrity as a journalist to try to be fair and true towards my readers. I guess I was more of an influencer than the so called influencers of today. I was not paid by anyone to have any specific view. Today my profession is slowly dying in favour of writers, bloggers, instagrammers etc without integrity. So sad. Fortunately some of us are still around trying to share our thoughts freely about what we see and hear. At the moment I am sitting on a train into London to visit Chelsea Harbour Design Centre preview of SS19 and the new exhibition in cooperation with Ikea Musuem at the Design Museum. I will return about this soon. With some thougts and view of my own, without being influenced...

Friday, 5 October 2018


I am moving house and when I am settled in in our new pad at Abergavenny I will finally start working on my online-magazine that has been in the back of my head for years. Meanwhile I will give you another glimpse from London Design Festival and today some black stuff that was shown at Designjunction. This year they decided to set up their mobile fair near Oxo Tower on the South Bank of London. Above, the French company Petite Friture are always on the hunt for chic design of today. Above, the ceramic is by Swedish couple Färg& Blanche.

More from Petite Friture, birds by Andras Rigler.

Coffee brewing like in Sweden by Japanese company Kinto was served in the press room. Elegant way of everyday coffee making. There will be more from me, both interiors and fashion. Do not despair, I will be more frequent once I moved. November here we come...

Thursday, 27 September 2018


One of my highlights at this years London Design Festival was the guided tour around the new Kings Cross Area. From Central St Martins, Tom Dixon's new "hub" at the Coal Office to the gasholders area and the new shopping centre to be. Amazing architecture that is well worth a visit. Make it a visit of a half day at the least.

Not only is the way the apartment blocks are built within the gasholders but also the garden design that surrounds it. I am impressed!

At the moment the area is still a building site, but a very decorative on...

The coal office in its full glory this sunny day.

A new collaboration with the leather expert Bill Amberg, various artists (here Timourous Beasties) and Tom Dixon at the Coal Office. Cow skins/rugs in a new light.

Kirkby design in collaboration with Tom Dixon at the Coal Office. I will return with more from Kings Cross area soon...

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Normally my London Design Festival starts with Designers Guild but this year it was all a bit upside down. The Victoria and Albert Museum decided to have their press preview on the 14 September and Tom Dixon at the same time on the Monday 17 September as DG so I had to switch things around. Anyway, the new collections at DG were more colourful and brave than ever. From bright stripes in velvet to flowery wallpapers and greens with a strong Deco-feel.

Deco patterns and a mix of greens in the newly refurbished flagship store on Kings Road.

Flamboyant colour mix and graphics on the wall!

Like in a tropical garden. Tapestry like wallpapers and a mix of patterns, from stripes to octagons in velvet. Very contemporary and elegant. More tomorrow from London Design Festival.

Monday, 17 September 2018


On a glorious sunny day yesterday I was guided through the Coal Office (Tom Dixon etc) and the new area at Kings Cross. More to come next week about this new London Development.

Designers Guild never fails to perform. An eclectic mix of bright colours, art deco, stripes and flowers at their newly refurbished flagship shop on Kings Road in London. Do not miss it when you are in London next. More next week, a blog only about DG!

Sunday, 16 September 2018


One of the highlights of London Design Festival are without doubt, the V&A. Do not miss it! Outside, at the new Exhibition Road entrance, the architects Waugh Thistleton has constructed a "house" from reusable cross laminated timber. Cubes that can be formed into different structures...
You are able to walk around the "Multiply" construction.
"Dazzle" was, or is, a form of disguise, a way of camouflaging ships during the first world war. A dazzling graphic design installation at the V&A.
In the tapestry room the danish artist has put together everyday objects to a "Onion Farm". Using objects that relates to the tapestries like brushes and sock-material. To me it looks more like being under the sea or in a car wash. Amazing...
Meanwhile London Fashion Week is still on. This beachy dress etc in bright yellow (still a colour growing stronger for next summer) was shown at the Waldorf Hilton by Johnstons of Elgin. Elegant and bold at the same time.

Unfortunately the showrooms at LFW at the 180 Strand has shrunk...what is going to happen to the shows??? Anyway, these "boxy" bags reminds me of my first handbag in the late 1960s...
Time for tea, a new installation/collection by Scholten and Baijings from Denmark/Holland for Fortnum and Mason. To us Scandinavians this i familiar but for F&M very minimalistic and elegant...
One of my favourites this year is the Landmark installation "Alphabet" at Broadgate. The graphic designers Kellenberger and White has created small "furniture" of the alphabet. Ikea or some similar company should take these into production, please!

One of the big advantages of being a journalist and attending these shows are were it takes you. Yesterday morning one of the fashion shows was performed in the Church in Lambeth that is now a Garden Musuem. What a tranquil beautiful spot. Highly recommended...more from LDF and LFW soon...

Friday, 14 September 2018


The London Design Festival started early on Friday with a press preview at the V&A, this was part of it. A cube construction for building houses, more soon from the V&A.

Fortnum and Mason had let a Danish company design an installation with an international tea drinking theme...more tomorrow...

And a glimpse of fashion, Marta Jakubowski at London Fashion Week promising sun for SS19!