Thursday, 29 September 2016


Pink is still one of the big colours in interiors. Here to stay! Feminine and soft, a good match with the ruling copper trend. Here on tables/footstools by Johanson shown at 100percentdesign last week!

More Swedish Design by Jonas Ihreborn, also at 100percentdesign last week. Match the pink with shades of petroleum blues and a dark coral red.

Beautiful, sensual, feminine and elegant tables by Bethan Gray at Designjunction.

Why not on the legs of your kitchen table along with a brownish/burgundy tabletop together with a black wall and chair, you need to keep the floor light! More from London Design Festival tomorrow...

Soft and yet, such a modern sofa! My favourite at Designjunction by Deadgood. I love the colours, notice the flooring and rugs!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Dear readers, I have not forgotten you all. I am just very busy working with reports etc from London Fashion Week, London Design Week and London Design Festival. This picture will give you a hint of what is to expect soon...Here you have the most important "new" colours and the graphic patterns that we saw a lot of...more soon, promise!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Jonas Ihreborn showed this at 100%design, the Olympia based fair had shrunk from last year!

Circus from Alessi and Marcel Wanders at Harrods! Great fun!

Jaime Hayon spoke about his work at BD Barcelona during the afternoon. This were some highlight from yesterday, more to come!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Pink satin play suit by Caitlin Price. Sweet fashion for next summer...London Fashion Week SS17!

Splashy arty patterns at Decorex in Syon Park  yesterday. A lot of pink still in both fashion and interiors. I will tell you more soon...just a little preview of what to come...

Sunday, 18 September 2016


I am surprised at how much pink there is around for next spring and summer. Romantic and sheer blouses, with or without flowers and frills. Combined with sporty shoes and shades. Marcus Lupfer who had planted flowers in the floor!

Pastels from pink to yellow at Brewer Street Carpark, LFW showground.

And the handbags are elegant in pastels or satchels... more tomorrow!

Friday, 16 September 2016


London Fashion Week. Started by checking out the press room. Again with a generous sofa in khaki green with this chic lady in Hunter Wellies (yes it was raining heavily yesterday - thunder storms) and a ballet skirt and matching green scarf!

Ryan Lo surprises with a Pantomime, circus, pirate inspired collection. Full of fun, colours and historical elements...kind of typical British Fashion...

Punk is dead, long live the punk! Typical Beasties for the beach, fun and full of energy! This was just a glimpse of what happened yesterday at London Fashion Week. I am now off for another day of fashion at LFW!

Thursday, 15 September 2016


A botanical theme could be found at Formex Stockholm recently. Especially among the younger designers. Poetic and lyrical design on ceramic, tableware and fabrics.

Design House Stockholm had extended their range of mini green houses in glass with a bigger version.

Ceramics and tableware with green leaves in glass, E.Leijon at Formex Young designers.

Photo printscreen on fabrics by Details by M. Nicely designed stand at Formex Young Designers recently! With a bit of added trendy PINK! More soon off to London Fashion Week, London Design Week and London Design Festival. Watch this space...


And finally, retro lamp with lovely flowers and botanical prints! Formex, Stockholm, August 2016.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Pale pink, powder pink...very in in interiors this season, and has been for a while. Alongside fashion actually...The pink trend is still going strong. From bedlinen, above from Borås Väveri, to china and rugs...

Pink china at EkPr in Stockholm.

Danish company EvaSolo introduced a pink version on their range...

Pink embroidery from Handarbetes Vänner (The Friends of HandiCraft) with a pattern from the 60-ies.

Pastel on the floors, from pink to pale grey at Formex a couple of weeks ago.

And finally, a "dirty" pink on the walls, calming and subtle...go for it...

Friday, 9 September 2016


Old but new pattern. Wallpapers with splash patterns has been around (at least in Sweden where I am from) for centuries. Now in a more giant and monochrome version. This by shown at Formex recently in Stockholm. Upcoming new Swedish designer.

This time ceramics by Paradiset från Borgholm/Öland. Splashes etc in monochrome. From a Melitta filter holder to mugs and bowls. Nice, just down my street. 
The splashed wallpaper in giant form here used by Tina Hellberg at the Trend Café at Formexstockholm just a couple of weeks ago. More from Formex etc next week. Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


A few of the bigger exhibitors had decided to put their horses on drinks and glasses for drinks like cocktails, whisky etc and of course, wine. The picture above has nothing to do with that, just a nice picture of Prosecco and a beautiful long and narrow cake (Tösse Bageri, Stockholm) that was offered to the press by Ceannis (bags, handbags etc) at Formex.

Simple tumblers and tall glasses by the Danish table- and kitchenware company Eva Solo.

Målerås again with their "intothewoods" collection, wine glasses, aquavit and tumblers.

The famous Swedish chef and actor, Per Moberg, had designed glasses for Orrefors. He himself questioned why he and not a proper designer. The trend of celebrity designs are happening all over the world, not sure how to deal with it. Perhaps they should work close together with some professionals to optimise the result?

Sagaform had uses a proper designer for their glasses. Tumblers and tall glasses, ice buckets etc...not a bad collection.

More from Sagaform! All for cocktails etc...

And finally, Per Moberg again, tumbler with gold...for Orrefors. More from Formex etc tomorrow...

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


The forest, and "into the woods" where a frequently found theme at Formex in Stockholm recently. This fair of gifts and tableware etc has become increasingly popular among press and the interior design interested professionals. Here we have the glassware company Målerås latest collection with their local forest (Småland)as inspiration. Note the rustic and raw table (not by Målerås). 

Not only the design has taken inspiration from the woods and mosses, but the glazing on these bowls...

It can go this far, macabre tablesetting with an otter/mink...

The designer Ludvig Löfgren (Målerås) told us about how he blew this bird in 25 minutes after 25 years of practice...

Garden Mateus (the pots).

More forest by Målerås, the birds etc...

More like rain forest inspiration at Mio at their flagship store at Sveavägen in central Stockholm.

More Mio forest with the trolls treasures in gold!

The colours of the forest in glass by the  lighting company Watt & Veke.
Forest inspired decor, RAM at EkPr. More from Formex and Stockholm tomorrow...

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Just a short blog today, I have been busy house hunting in Hay on Wye...very exciting. Saw this artistic china from Habitat today and realised that there is a lot of this kind of traditional splashing dots around at the moment. More tomorrow from Formex etc with similar patterns.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


"Into the woods" is the name of the new collection from Målerås in Småland/Sweden. The biggest glassware company in this part of Sweden and one that seems to have survived the change in the market (mass producing in China etc). At first I thought it being old fashioned and muggy. But the whole collection grew on me. Designed by Mats Jonasson and Ludvig Löfgren. More from them to come later here on my blog.

Into the woods again. The glazing on these bowls makes me think of mosses in the woods and how they grow on the rocks.

An Into the Woods inspired table setting I saw at Formex. An utter overlooking the table surrounded by moss. Bring in the woods to you table this autumn!