Thursday, 8 September 2016


A few of the bigger exhibitors had decided to put their horses on drinks and glasses for drinks like cocktails, whisky etc and of course, wine. The picture above has nothing to do with that, just a nice picture of Prosecco and a beautiful long and narrow cake (Tösse Bageri, Stockholm) that was offered to the press by Ceannis (bags, handbags etc) at Formex.

Simple tumblers and tall glasses by the Danish table- and kitchenware company Eva Solo.

Målerås again with their "intothewoods" collection, wine glasses, aquavit and tumblers.

The famous Swedish chef and actor, Per Moberg, had designed glasses for Orrefors. He himself questioned why he and not a proper designer. The trend of celebrity designs are happening all over the world, not sure how to deal with it. Perhaps they should work close together with some professionals to optimise the result?

Sagaform had uses a proper designer for their glasses. Tumblers and tall glasses, ice buckets etc...not a bad collection.

More from Sagaform! All for cocktails etc...

And finally, Per Moberg again, tumbler with gold...for Orrefors. More from Formex etc tomorrow...

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