Friday, 27 May 2016


I am at my place in the Stockholm Archipelago, it has been a very rainy day but still lovely! Picked these lovely Lily of the Valley yesterday and they smell gorgeous!

Always beautiful at Gåsö, in spite of the weather. I will miss this place...
Lovely leaves on a cushion, by Ella Doran...get the spring greens in your sofa...

Get ready for the outdoor life. Lay the table in the garden and hang lanterns in the trees. This love setting is by Åhléns, department stores of Sweden...more to come soon...

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Went to the lovely Croome Court (Worcester) on Sunday. A recent member of the National Trust. With lovely ground designed by Capability Brown, this 18th Century house are undergoing major work at the moment. Meanwhile you can enjoy some assigned art and the history of the Earls of Coventry. There is also a small RAF exhibition on the premises. The Croome Court was used for military purposes during World War II.

The grounds looked lovely this time of the year with the flowering fields in white and yellow.

The house is currently the home of some assigned art. This piece is inspired by some chairs that was originally designed in the 18th century for this house. More below.

All about the chairs...
The estate was own by the Harikhristnans movement for a period of time during the 1980s. They painted the original white plaster boards in striking colours. I must say I like it...why not visit they also have a orangery and a canteen serving lovely cakes and roasts.

Friday, 20 May 2016


I WANT TO WISH YOU ALL A VERY NICE WEEKEND BY RECOMMENDING YOU TO VISIT HIDCOTE MANOR GARDENS IN THE COTSWOLDS. This magnificent beech boxhedge are to be found in this fabolous garden. It took over 30 years to develop the land and it is one of the first to have the layout of different "rooms" dedicated to trees, colours and countries. It is one of the most visited gardens in Europe. Owned and maintained by the National Trust this is a must visit for any keen

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Last week I attended a talk by Petra Börner, illustrator and artist, at the Swedish Church in London. (Harcourt Street, Marelybone). Her graphic art have been found on book covers, rugs, shoes etc. Her idiom makes me think of Marimekko, Matisse, Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn, and Tiogruppen. Of course, she is Swedish and the style is part of her inheritance. She grew up in Sweden but left to study at St Martins in London and the rest is history. She studied fashion and went on starting her own brand together with a friend and collegue. After a couple of years she took the big step and started to work fully as a illustrator and artist. Her work is cut out of paper! She likes the way that sort of "sculptors" the work. The starting point is drawings and when she is satisfied the intensive work with paper, scalpell and scissors start. "I love paper" she says. She has also started to work in ceramics, we are looking forward to see more of that kind of work. Among her clients are Penguine Books, Bonniers, Cacharel, Lous Vuitton etc.   

Her trademark is an old stamp that used to belong to her father who happens to have the same initials.

This lovely rug makes me think of traditional Kurbits, folklore artwork from Dalarna and further north of Sweden. This is part of Petra Börners exhibition that is showing now until 24 June at the cafe at The Swedish Church, 6 Harcourt Street, London.

More originals from the exhibition at the Swedish Church Cafe.

Half of this illustration/piece of art was used as the cover of the latest magazine by The Swedish Church - Kyrkobladet. More about Petra @

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Happy spring and summer tableware today to stir away from depression etc. I love these colours. Monochrome dots with neon yellow, rasberry pink and lime greedn!. Habitat.

Could be at my house in the archipelago. Fantastic giant outdoor lamp from Anglepoise! So super cool! Tomorrow I will present the graphic designer and artist Petra Börner...

Monday, 16 May 2016


Sally Brampton has left us. The journalist (former editor of Elle UK etc, writer and author) lost her battle with depression last week. Sally helped so many with her memoirs "Shoot the damn dog" telling the story about her battle with the illness. I was one of them. She was also one of the best agony aunts the UK ever produced. So brutally honest, wise and warm. I was so sad when the Sunday Times Style Magazine let her go two years ago, and even sadder now. The illness must be acknowledged and have the same "status" as cancer. It kills. I met her once, like me, she had a great interest in gardening and I bumped into her at Chelsea Flower Show. Her bright blue eyes could be spotted for miles. I took the opportunity to thank her for the book. Strangely enough I wrote an article about my own experiences in the Swedish Church Magazine, and quoted her... The theme was grief and loss. I had a lot of response and a wish among the readers to have more...we will see. I hope Sally that you are in a better place.  
50 shades of grief. Since I am Swedish it is written in my native language. If you are familiar with Swedish the link to the magazine is below.

...the last pages...
The cover of the magazine is by Petra Börner, well known graphic designer and artist living in London. More about her inside this magazine (link below), and later this week on this blog, by me...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


The courtyard at The Cawdor Hotel in Llandelio takes you to the Mediterranian...The Cawdor is supposed to be the best hotel (and restaurant) in this part of the world. They often has very good offers if the possibility to stay midweek.

Narrow and colourful streets in Llandelio. This picturesque little town is perfect for a long weekend. Nice shopping, good restaurants and pubs and the view... also perfect for long walks just outside the town.

We came across these very narrow houses on our walk around town.

One of the best cook shops I have ever been into, and I have been around...The Peppercorn in Llandelio.

Toast is a wellknown fashion brand these days. And it was in Llandelio it all started over 15 years ago...

The position of Llandelio is fantastic, this is just one view...I can highly recommend a trip to here...

Monday, 9 May 2016


We, me and my lovely husband, went on a lovely walk yesterday in the hot spring weather. One of our favourite ones around the Cotswold's. It takes you through Brockhampton and Sevenhampton. Just outside Brockhampton we found these "logs" with the letter A on it. I thought it suitable for this blog since my name starts with an A.

Fun wooden ducks on a wall in Brockhampton! They always amuses me.

In Sweden the forest this time of the year has a carpet of white anemones (vitsippor) and sometimes you can find them here, but more common is the bluebells...

Beautiful church windows at Sevenhampton. The church dates back to the 1200s. Worth a visit!

Then hen house on the farm just in the outskirts of Sevenhampton and close to the church. Sweet in its roughness.

The architecture in the area is old farmhouse style Cotswold's stone houses. I just love this vintage door/entrance. More from me tomorrow...

Thursday, 5 May 2016


First Bowie, then Prince and now yet another BIG personality in the music business has died.Sydney Onayemi, more known as "Sydney the Hard Working DJ" opened up the world of clubbing in Stockholm during the 1970s and 1980s, started the first "open" gay disco etc. This is how I will always remember him. Happy clapping in his DJ box in his own disco. Big Brother was my second home for a couple of years in the early 1970s and it was there that I "met" Bowie on screen (Sydney showed films, long before MTV, YouTube etc) danced in my platform boots (black and silver) and nearly dyed my hair red. Sydney enjoyed fame on TV in recent years with reality show "get fit with the retired". He was very fit, did not drink or smoke. He was 78.     
This is how I would have looked if I would have dared then to dress up as Aladdin Sane. Since this period in my life made me realise (thank´s to David Bowie, Sydney etc) that you are the hero of your life and it is up to you yourself to make things happen, I added this into the book I made for my graduation (HND in Graphic Design at Gloucester College last year) and created this, my alter ego,  AK Sane! Sydney you will always be in my mind and you helped me build up that confidence we all need so much in our late teens. Thank you!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Hay-on-Wye is not only a cultural and cool place to be (without being trendy and without any high street shops!), it is also the "home" of books! Bookshops all over, and with a famous book festival every year. Lots of nice cafées (like the one above close to the car park) and restaurant comes with it. Most famous is Booths, like a library with cinema, restaurant, café etc.

Vintage glass from one of the many second hand shops. This one is very well and stylish layed out! Bain and Murrins!

They even sell their own stylish tee! More from Hay and Wales later this week...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


 We went to Hay on Wye last week, house hunting. A lot of nice, and independant,  shops on the High Street. The End...not so dramatic as it sounds. Retro and vintage shop in Hay on Wye with lovely things and inspiration...

Linens and gadgets...more from The End.

Glass jars and letters etc...more from The End in Hay on Wye.

New cookshop in Hay on Wye, Day´s Household Goods. Modern retro for the kitchen etc. Basic and cool.

Interior with retro inspirerd china and cookware. Day´s in Hay.

Welsh blankets and cushions at Day´s Household Goods.

Bits and pieces for the cooking at Day´s! More from Wales later thing week.