Monday, 16 May 2016


Sally Brampton has left us. The journalist (former editor of Elle UK etc, writer and author) lost her battle with depression last week. Sally helped so many with her memoirs "Shoot the damn dog" telling the story about her battle with the illness. I was one of them. She was also one of the best agony aunts the UK ever produced. So brutally honest, wise and warm. I was so sad when the Sunday Times Style Magazine let her go two years ago, and even sadder now. The illness must be acknowledged and have the same "status" as cancer. It kills. I met her once, like me, she had a great interest in gardening and I bumped into her at Chelsea Flower Show. Her bright blue eyes could be spotted for miles. I took the opportunity to thank her for the book. Strangely enough I wrote an article about my own experiences in the Swedish Church Magazine, and quoted her... The theme was grief and loss. I had a lot of response and a wish among the readers to have more...we will see. I hope Sally that you are in a better place.  
50 shades of grief. Since I am Swedish it is written in my native language. If you are familiar with Swedish the link to the magazine is below.

...the last pages...
The cover of the magazine is by Petra Börner, well known graphic designer and artist living in London. More about her inside this magazine (link below), and later this week on this blog, by me...

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