Monday, 9 May 2016


We, me and my lovely husband, went on a lovely walk yesterday in the hot spring weather. One of our favourite ones around the Cotswold's. It takes you through Brockhampton and Sevenhampton. Just outside Brockhampton we found these "logs" with the letter A on it. I thought it suitable for this blog since my name starts with an A.

Fun wooden ducks on a wall in Brockhampton! They always amuses me.

In Sweden the forest this time of the year has a carpet of white anemones (vitsippor) and sometimes you can find them here, but more common is the bluebells...

Beautiful church windows at Sevenhampton. The church dates back to the 1200s. Worth a visit!

Then hen house on the farm just in the outskirts of Sevenhampton and close to the church. Sweet in its roughness.

The architecture in the area is old farmhouse style Cotswold's stone houses. I just love this vintage door/entrance. More from me tomorrow...

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