Thursday, 5 May 2016


First Bowie, then Prince and now yet another BIG personality in the music business has died.Sydney Onayemi, more known as "Sydney the Hard Working DJ" opened up the world of clubbing in Stockholm during the 1970s and 1980s, started the first "open" gay disco etc. This is how I will always remember him. Happy clapping in his DJ box in his own disco. Big Brother was my second home for a couple of years in the early 1970s and it was there that I "met" Bowie on screen (Sydney showed films, long before MTV, YouTube etc) danced in my platform boots (black and silver) and nearly dyed my hair red. Sydney enjoyed fame on TV in recent years with reality show "get fit with the retired". He was very fit, did not drink or smoke. He was 78.     
This is how I would have looked if I would have dared then to dress up as Aladdin Sane. Since this period in my life made me realise (thank´s to David Bowie, Sydney etc) that you are the hero of your life and it is up to you yourself to make things happen, I added this into the book I made for my graduation (HND in Graphic Design at Gloucester College last year) and created this, my alter ego,  AK Sane! Sydney you will always be in my mind and you helped me build up that confidence we all need so much in our late teens. Thank you!

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