Monday, 23 March 2009

Spring Salmon

I was in London last Monday and went to Designers Guild and Chelsea Design Center for the Chelsea Designers Week. I had lunch at a local Gastro Pub, Lots Road, and got inspired to do this simple dish at home!
A success with my family, and it was so easy to make!


serves 4

4 salmon fillets
250 g fresh baby spinach leaves, wilted in a tablespoon of water and a blob of butter
1 kg freshly boiled new potatoes
1 tablespoon horse radish sauce mixed with
2 tablespoons of light mayonnaise

Grill the salmon,
preferably in a grill pan, with at light drizzle of olive oil, , freshly grated black pepper and sea salt. Approximately 4-5 minutes each side. Smash the potatoes ruffly with a fork and add a blob of butter. Put the spinach on top of the potatoes and then the grilled salmon. Put a generous blob of horseradish mayo on top. Serve immediately! Why not serve with a glass of New Zeeland Sauvignon Blanc!

Ankan, love immigrant from Sweden!

Hi everybody. For you who do not know me, a short introduction.
Born on a cold winters night in Stockholm 1955 I was the lovechild of Gösta and Mari-Anne.

I grew up in a southern suburbia of Stockholm and when 20 years of age I graduated as a PA-assistant. My first employment was as just that, a PA-assistant to an editor in chief of a weekly news magazine. It was while working there I realized that a future in journalism would be something for me. I studied at evening school and was an apprentice for a very (then) famous and trendy youth magazine Vecko Revyn. Hard work, but so much fun....

I got my first employment as a journalist at Damernas Värld (then a weekly fashion magazine) where I started off doing fashion but ended up doing interior design and food. In 1990 i went freelance after a short session as a fashion editor back at Vecko Revyn.

When Elle Interiör was launched in Sweden I was asked to take part, I was contributing as the senior stylist and writer until the early millennium... From 1992 I worked substantially for Ikea with its catalogues as well as doing stories, features, and advertising assignments for Rörstrand, Ikea, Åhléns, etc, etc...

Since 2001 I have lived in England, in the lovely Cotswold´s with my investment banker husband Bruce and son, Hugo (pictured above) soon to be 11 years of age! We are now building a house in Stockholm archipelago which means that I will spend more time in Sweden, and also work there since I just got some assignments there from a new Swedish Interior Design Magazine! My base in Stockholm is my "bachelor flat" in the south city center. A lovely little studio which also works as my Stockholm office!

After a couple of years off work I am now looking for more to do with journalism (interior design, food, travel, styling and lifestyle). Here on my blog I will show you what I mean, perhaps even create my own magazine, Living with Ankan! Welcome to my world.