Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Reindeer's and gold for Christmas. The big department store (Åhléns) has the most diverse decorations for Christmas. From Reindeer's in gold to red traditional Father Christmases. Just look at these lovely pictures for inspiration. They were shot at their Christmas Preview for the press in August.

Folklore embroidered cushions with slick grey and stripes. Elegant och traditional at the same time!

More traditional patterns for Christmas. The advent candle holder are a very typical Swedish tradition. We lit one candle for every Sunday in Advent. White moss for decoration!

Why not some ski lodge inspired new bedding for Christmas. Note the head board in birch bark and the grass inspired blanket...

Sweet little Father Christmas carrying the merry message...GOD JUL is MERRY CHRISTMAS in Swedish!

The forest inspires...from tree shaped candles to mugs decorated with foxes and an a-corn sugar bowl...and an owl on the cushion. All

Sheep skin, green moss and red towels. Get ready for the Christmas Season.

Get ready for the Christmas baking with utensils etc in red. Any good cook shop will carry this kind of items right now...

Finally, I just love these labels and wrapping paper from Try something similar @ (UK).

Monday, 24 November 2014


Orange is a zingy and fresh colour for you who do not mind having eyes on you. Vibrant and energetic tones for the winter. This lovely pleated skirt are from Note the boots with visible socks!

Sweet party dress with a girly collar. Perfect for all these Christmas events coming up in December. This one in tangy coral from

And finally, why not an Elgh in the Christmas Tree this year, has some fun and funky Christmas decorations for you! Mooooooh...

Friday, 21 November 2014


White fashion with some monochrome elements are very big this Christmas. And big letters i.e graphic decorations. This is on Oxford Street London.

White and black and gold! and their window display at Oxford Street now! Looks very elegant for being the lowest price fashion chain right now!

White boxes and snowy trees, House of Fraser!

Sequins and glitter for the kids this Christmas, 

Dreams in pearls, feathers etc...Harrods!

White and silver and cut out,!

Thursday, 20 November 2014


I just loved the colour scheme that Debenhams had in their windows for Christmas this year. From orange to chocking pink to reds...just like the fashion just now (part of it!). Note the Carmen Miranda use of Christmas decorations on the mannequins head!

I also loved the Conrans Shops Christmas Display. Why not have some Snowmen for dinner this Christmas.

Marks & Spencer's had plexi trees inside their store and of course - a red coat for Christmas.

A really nice idea for a window display this Christmas. I found this skirt of parcels in the window @ Body Shop, Oxford Street London!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Have a Christmas in gold this year. After having had a look around London last week I saw a lot of gold in the window displays on Oxford Street etc. Above, had a fairy tale theme going with the Sleeping Beauty in gold!

Zara Home is, contrary to Zara Fashion, very traditional. This year in white and gold. Fresh, crisp and cosy at the same time.

Why not take a trip in a golden cab? This one you can find in the window display @ Selfridges. Their Wonder Room is dedicated to Paddington Bear up to Christmas. More tomorrow!

One of the prices for best windows goes this year to Primark! They have managed to create a very elegant and luxurious feel. A great achievement since they have some of the lowest prices on the High Street. Well done!

Thursday, 13 November 2014


There is still a lot of powder pink out there. Have you got your bit of it yet. I have, a wonderfully flowery blouse and a "ballet" type midi long skirt from HM. Why not cook in pink! The wonderful AGA, a big investment but if you know you LOOOOVE pink, just go for it. I found this one in the window at (best cook shop in London) on Brompton Road. 

Hearty and fluffy pink with black @ now!

Lovely pink dress for those Christmas parties etc.

And if you still have not got the pink coat, I could recommend this one from

...and if I was still on the disco scene I would definitely get this "boa" from

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The black and white, monochrome, op trend are stronger than ever. Mix it up with silver or gold. I just love these boots from! You can find similar and more exclusive (and pricey) ones at

Fake fur, rock chic and with a hint of punk. Op at @ Oxford Circus yesterday!

This fake fur in black and white are found at all High Street Shop with some self esteem right now. This is actually (believe it or not) Shot at their flagship store @ Oxford Street (Marble Arch end).   

Op, with a hint of navy! Take an extra look at the neck! Mix all different styles of necklaces and make your own statement!

More op and this time from And their version of the black and white fake fur! Note the big x that stands for Christmas this year. I saw a lot of letters/graphics in the window displays in London heading up to Christmas...more to this space!

Last mot not least...winter white from Zara who at the moment has an exquisite gender blender and very elegant collection in store right now!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I went to London yesterday to have a look at this years Christmas Shop Windows and displays. The big themes this year are Fairy Tails and letters as in graphics... Here are a little taster. More will come. Above, Cath Kidston´s Christmas this year was/is a bit disappointing in my view. Stars, and dots. A bit too cottage and not enough Christmas...last year was soo much better.

Sporty fashion in black, white and red. A preview of funky Christmas dressing.

Liberty´s windows was full of Eastern Treasures and gold...

High time to get your Christmas jumper, these from

Paperchase always wins the price of having the funkiest and funnies x-mas decorations. Perhaps a monkey?

...or an astronaut

...or a glittering poodle...

or a sleeping

Friday, 7 November 2014


Hippie à la 2014 with flower power dress and fury coat! Fashionista from the latest London Fashion Week in September! Note the hair!


Hippie footstool. From the Norwegian stand at Tent during London Design Festival in September. Soft felt comfort for flowery girls etc...

To add to the flower power and hippie style. Mixed Crysantemums in round black vases, relaxed and hippie elegant!