Friday, 29 January 2016


On 27 November 2015 I received my graduation at Gloucester Cathedral after having done (2 years full time) an HND in Graphic Design and got a merit! I have already been working as a journalist (interiors, fashion, food, gardening and lifestyle) since 1980 and since 1990 as a freelance. Besides being a journalist I am also a stylist (mainly interiors), interior designer (Ikea Catalogues, The Swedish School in Barnes/London, Gitcombe (holiday cottages in Devon)etc), photographer (these days there is no budget to bring a photographer when you are doing a story) and now Graphic Designer! Go to my website to see more! Besides blogging I am trying to find more work in all the fields mentioned above. Do not hesitate to contact me for more info and if you want to work with me!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


The colour scheme at Topdrawer (, gift and interior fair in London/UK) was surprisingly colourful and aquatic! From a turquoise shade to greens and yellows. The graphic theme is also big which includes shapes and patterns. Above Alessi´s elegant and splendid new "bowls", like pieces of art!

I was surprised to find that this company is Swedish and that I did not know about turns out that they mainly supply the Mio Furniture Group on Sweden. From knitted cushions to green fur and brass!

Recycled glass in classical shapes. Perfect for herring and other fishes.

Finish glass company Iittala are now incorporated with the china company Arabia. I grew up with this bowls in dark blue and dark petroleum blue. Know in more springlike aquatic colours from grey to greens. Fresh.

Finally today, retro design on tumblers for a happy spring by Swedish company Sagaform. More tomorrow from Topdrawer...

Friday, 22 January 2016


I promised I would give you some more from Topdrawer yesterday, a small sample below. My plans for the blog are being shadowed by everyday life and paid work at the moment but my intention is to develop the blog more and turn it into something that could be a weekly/daily magazine about fashion, interior, food, lifestyle a bit of psychology etc. I am sorry if I have disappointed you but I am working on it. The next week I will write about my view of David Bowie, more Topdrawer. Some mens fashion and also about Ruby Was new book about mindfullness "Frazzled"...I hope you want to come back here and read... 
Ella Doran was my favourite exhibitor during Topdrawer last week. These trays have a motiv from Reyjavik/Iceland. She has a  modern retrostyle where she is creating a new idiom by taking elements of the past and deliver something new...more from Topdrawer next week.I

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Ropes! as patterns on fabric and wallpaper by talented showed recently at More to come tomorrow from Topdrawer etc...

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


This is part of how I feel about David Bowie, like as he is around at my house in the Stockholm Archipelago. I always felt this way, actually I have done a book about it that was part of my exam work when doing an HND in Graphic Design. This is just a teaser. I am off to London for some work and will be back tomorrow with more!

Monday, 11 January 2016


Arctic fashion in a harsh wintery landscape set up at Ewer Arches in SE1, London for London Collection Men yesterday. Belstaff had invested a lot in setting up this installation. Warm fashion with leather, padded overalls etc. Colours, from light grey to black and of course a lot of leather.

Duchamp showed their new collections for AW16 accordingly at Waldorf Hilton. Slick models in blues and burgundy! This evening jacket with a flowery pattern caught my eye. Love the artistic scarf that goes with it! More tomorrow.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Knit specialists Siblings models walked in like champions of Boxing to the music of Queen, Bowie and Babe Ruth from the 70s and 80s! Fun an daring as usual. 

Tiger of Sweden went a bit crazy, and very trendy with salmon pink suits in velvet etc...good to see that they added some quirkiness to their slick and basic black and grey designs! I was impressed. Very good graphics during and before the show with Swedish folklore jazz by Jan Johansson playing and a live band during the catwalk. Well done Tiger of Sweden.

Friday, 8 January 2016


First out on Friday at Topman Showspace on Marylebone Road was Topman the brand itself. Always very trendy, Young and edgy! And commercial. The colours were burnt orange, brown and the blues. A lot of retro fashion, think Biba mix it up with a bit of Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan and Prince and add a bit of the 1940s over sized suits, coats and jackets. Hats like 1700s sailors and basic sneakers to go with it. Crushed velvet, transparent flower prints and denim. Right down my street...more soon...


Today is David Bowie's 69th Birthday and he is celebrating by releasing a new album "Blackstar". Brilliant as expected, but dark! Not mainstream, but being Bowie he can do what he wants! Very artistic and thoughtful. He is evidently very concerned about the state of the world today! Have a listen on
This is me as Bowie. Merged pictures, part of my final masterpiece doing an HND in Graphic Design. He has had such a big influence on me as a person and today is his 69th birthday. Happy Birthday David! Graphic Design by AKB Design. Today London Collection Men starts and there will be more from there later today! Watch this space!

Monday, 4 January 2016


Dear friends, first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is me when I am feeling at my best! Sitting with my lovely husband by sea having a fantastic dinner on a warm Stockholm evening in August.  With the camera and iPhone ready for shooting etc... at the lovely restaurant "Holmen" in Saltsjöbaden not far from my summer house on Gåsö. I would like to start this new year in a new way here on my blog. More personal, with a mix of what makes me tick! From fashion to interiors, food to mindfulness, yoga etc. I am also a strong believer in feminism and equality on all levels.. I will start the end of this week by reporting day by day on my personal and professional experience of London Collection Men. The Men´s Fashion week in London. I will try to be as personal and analysing as possible, but at the same time try to keep it short. I have been thinking about wheather I should change the name of the blog, have themes every day etc. More about that later... see you soon!