Friday, 22 January 2016


I promised I would give you some more from Topdrawer yesterday, a small sample below. My plans for the blog are being shadowed by everyday life and paid work at the moment but my intention is to develop the blog more and turn it into something that could be a weekly/daily magazine about fashion, interior, food, lifestyle a bit of psychology etc. I am sorry if I have disappointed you but I am working on it. The next week I will write about my view of David Bowie, more Topdrawer. Some mens fashion and also about Ruby Was new book about mindfullness "Frazzled"...I hope you want to come back here and read... 
Ella Doran was my favourite exhibitor during Topdrawer last week. These trays have a motiv from Reyjavik/Iceland. She has a  modern retrostyle where she is creating a new idiom by taking elements of the past and deliver something new...more from Topdrawer next week.I

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