Sunday, 28 June 2015


My exhibit at Gloucestershire College. My graduation work. The theme was Space and my interpretation are a mix of my house in Sweden and David Bowie and the impact he had on my when I was a teenager.  The book are the main object and I put a lot of work into it. More from the book later. So now I can call myself graphic designer beside journalist, interior designer and stylist!

Monday, 15 June 2015

#alicecooper #belstaff #paulsmithdesign #lcm last day an #RASummer!

Belstaff hit it off in big style by installing a desert downe on Lower Thames Street and putting up a tent where Maroccan niblets and beer were served. Leather and fashion that made me think of "The English Patient". Impressive!

Suprise guest at Belstaff, Alice Cooper. I got myself a selfie with him (not me above) more from that on my Instagram account!

The tent not far from Tower Bridge!

Paul Smith went down the bike road a bit differently. This stuntman jumped all the way down to the floor in a Paul Smith suit! Wow, I was screaming...

Had some time to spend in between shows and went to Royal Academy of Art for the Summer Show. Just look at the stairs in the entrance, a piece of art in itself!

There is something for all art tastes at RA. I love this pink room!

And just look at this colour mix. A greeny turquoise and shocking pink! Wow!

The RA and its impressive entrance. I highly recommend a visit if you are in London this summer. On until 18 August.

More desert fashion, from Tourne de Transmission.

The jumpsuit is back, and more like in the air force. Xander Zhou. Off to Stockholm and more soon!

Sunday, 14 June 2015


Agi & Sam showed pyjama-inspired "suits" in their so typical multicultural mix.

More stripes from Agi & Sam. I love these stripes in white, black and blue!

Astrid Andersen kept to her style with boxing inspiration with added citric acid. 

More citric acid from Astrid Andersen mixed with grey and black. New was over sized "trainers" trousers in lightweight "parachute" nylon.

Thought this guy looked cool in his blue jacket, golden satchel and matching socks!

Some ladies fashion popped up here and there. This is Matthew Miller. Crinkly fabrics in modern materials. Fresh!

More crinkly fashion, now for men. Nice and fresh for next summer, Matthew Miller. Note the blond Afro hair, cool.

Workers fashion, Nigel Cabourn for girls. Lovely shop on Henrietta Street close to Covent Garden.

Pink showed their new collections at Institute of Contemporary Art with this fresh installation, a mix of furniture, mannequins and models. Fresh and nice!

I love redheads, and this guy looks soo cool in the orange shirt, yellow scarf and orange jacket. His friend in the sofa are more traditional in fresh blues! Pink!

And finally, some more muted checks from Pink.

Sporty fashion with hints from the 1950ies. Several.

Shiny suit from Sibling, unusual from them who are "knitting experts".

Knits from Sibling with a pattern that takes me back to the early 1980ies and the Memphis group in Milan!

More "traditional" knits from Sibling with American Sheer inspiration. Fun!

Graffiti and proper streetcar from Soulland.

Another funky redhead in slightly over sized stripey suit, graffiti hoodie. Soulland.

And finally, Scratched watch by South Lane, Swedish Design by Filip Bjernebo. More tomorrow...

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Chic boys outside Hospital Club just waiting to go to work with fashion. Hallo! London Collection Men SS16!

Pink and greens, for boys who dare for next summer. Clara Martin at Hospital Club.

Blues, pinks and mint green.New summer pastels for next summer. And funny prints! I like!

Topshop opened this years shows with colourful and their now so "their own" nostalgic fashion. Mix 1960ies with 70ies and 80ies and new materials and you get the picture. Here, anoraks (there will be a lot of them next summer. Thank´s to Christopher Raeburn? Pinks and yellow together and sporty shorts!

Punk, bikers, stripes and leather. From black to chocking pink. Topshop!

Wide trousers and tank tops! Topshop. Notice the longer hair! Mods?

Universal Works did this unusual installation in the nearby church on Bloomsbury Way. Filmed "catwalk" on one side and...

...and live models backstage. Casual, leisure-city fashion for modern boys! Nice!

Private White designer himself on favourite bike in his flagship store in Mayfair.

In orange for next summer. Private White. This was day one, more tomorrow. See you then!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Living with ankan: #GRAPHICDESIGN AND #MIDSUMMER COMING UP: Nearly finished my Graphic Design HND degree and part of my final work is this book about Space which in my case are all about my house in...


Nearly finished my Graphic Design HND degree and part of my final work is this book about Space which in my case are all about my house in the Swedish Archipelago and David Bowie. Strange mix you might think but for me it is the actual spacial space mixed with personal space. This is the cover and the size is 30x30 centimetres.

I also played around with the Aladdin Sane LP cover and merged my face into David Bowie's. This is how I would have looked in 1972 if I would then have dared to cut my hair like him and dye it red!

The interior of the house is also about space. This is two pages from the book about interior space.

More from the book. The island of Gåsö is full of space. A real oasis for the soul. I took these pictures to try to capture the essence of water, stones, cliffs, flowers and sea grass.

There will be an exhibition at college about SPACE, 16 Commercial Road, GLOUCESTER, UK. Part of my exhibit are these letters based on worlds like, space, David, Bowie, place etc...

More letters...

and more again..

I also redesigned the Aladdin Sane Cover with my face merged into it. I will recreate a full size printed cover mock up for the exhibition and it is also part of it.
And next week it is Swedish Midsummer. Next Friday I will be dancing on Gåsö around the Maypole and pretending to be a piglet after a herring lunch with aquavit and beer and followed by a BBQ and late night dancing to a live band. Watch this space next week for more.

My table decorations are waiting to come out of the cuboard, it will be nice to see them again! More soon!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


One of the biggest department stores in Stockholm is Åhléns. The flagship store in the city recently moved the interior- and home decorating department to the third floor. Nice and lots of space...above a table setting with  famous Swedish china from Matteus.

A must to eat when you are in Sweden is a "Räkmacka", scrimp open sandwich. This gorgeous one I found (and had) at Systrarna Voltaire, their new restaurant at Åhléns City in Stockholm.

More Swedish China, this I found at Posh Living in the MOOD shopping centre in the centre of Stockholm.
Marianne Randolph is a well known fashion profile in Stockholm and Sweden. She has a background working for HM, Twilfit, NK, The Swedish Fashion Council and has also run her own shop at NK (NK Trend) and is now running her own brand Randolph with basic grown up fashion of high quality. At the moment you can find her at Mood, but hurry she will only be there this month. After that she will return to her on line shop!

Me myself in the powder room at Svenskt Tenn the famous Swedish interior and fabric shop with flowery designs by the late Josef Frank.

A very modern adaptation of Josef Frank´s patterns and furniture. Elegant interior in black and pale pink. See more by visiting their shop on Strandvägen in Stockholm or their website

More from Svenskt Tenn, they have dedicated this summers shop in the entrance to the vivid patterns with world wide inspiration that Josef Frank created. Still for sale! See more above.