Sunday, 14 June 2015


Agi & Sam showed pyjama-inspired "suits" in their so typical multicultural mix.

More stripes from Agi & Sam. I love these stripes in white, black and blue!

Astrid Andersen kept to her style with boxing inspiration with added citric acid. 

More citric acid from Astrid Andersen mixed with grey and black. New was over sized "trainers" trousers in lightweight "parachute" nylon.

Thought this guy looked cool in his blue jacket, golden satchel and matching socks!

Some ladies fashion popped up here and there. This is Matthew Miller. Crinkly fabrics in modern materials. Fresh!

More crinkly fashion, now for men. Nice and fresh for next summer, Matthew Miller. Note the blond Afro hair, cool.

Workers fashion, Nigel Cabourn for girls. Lovely shop on Henrietta Street close to Covent Garden.

Pink showed their new collections at Institute of Contemporary Art with this fresh installation, a mix of furniture, mannequins and models. Fresh and nice!

I love redheads, and this guy looks soo cool in the orange shirt, yellow scarf and orange jacket. His friend in the sofa are more traditional in fresh blues! Pink!

And finally, some more muted checks from Pink.

Sporty fashion with hints from the 1950ies. Several.

Shiny suit from Sibling, unusual from them who are "knitting experts".

Knits from Sibling with a pattern that takes me back to the early 1980ies and the Memphis group in Milan!

More "traditional" knits from Sibling with American Sheer inspiration. Fun!

Graffiti and proper streetcar from Soulland.

Another funky redhead in slightly over sized stripey suit, graffiti hoodie. Soulland.

And finally, Scratched watch by South Lane, Swedish Design by Filip Bjernebo. More tomorrow...

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