Tuesday, 31 January 2012


The vintage look is here to stay, a bit longer....I think we want to have the ruff and reused look after all the minimalism we have see during early 2000. This is a few samples of "Vintage Chic" that I have seen during the last couple of weeks.

Britannia Chic, one of the trend "entrances" to Hall 3 (Lighting etc) at Interiors last week in Birmingham. Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek and new "vintage" classics from UK. Lamps and chairs, inspiring and put together by Diana Civil. (www.interiorsuk.com)

Vintage wood, recycled and reused. This trend in not new but here to stay for a while. Mix it with modern Scandinavian and European contemporary design and you will get the "new look". We saw this at Formland in DK a couple of weeks ago! (www.formland.com).
More from Formland, here with more color and old flour bags....shabby chic again!
One of the funnies and most quirky ceiling lamps we saw at Nordal (www.nordal.eu), they had the right type of vintage look in their stand! Formland again!
Nautical vintage for the bedroom in faded blue and beige...Formland.

Monday, 30 January 2012


I visited the Interior- gift fair Formland in Denmark a couple of weeks ago. One of there biggest trend exhibitions were about Urban Gardening. Indoors! Very quirky and cleverly put together of trend expert Anette Eckerman and her team. Above, Trash Terrace with recycled and unexpected use of old and new items...for the younger and computerized generation...
Plant patisserie was the more "romantic" indoor garden theme, Think Cath Kidston, the dutch company Pip, teatime, macaroons in lovely colors, vintage roses and decorative poetic garden furniture, preferably in metal. Plant nice flowers in your favourite teacup!
Plant Patisserie 2, orchids and macaroons....etc...
Cactus Cafe, think Mexico, Arizona and the desert. Decorate it a bit extra with crochet flowers and painted metal containers, vintage or new!
Urban Nursery. Experiment with cuttings and seeds and decorate your walls with birdcages that will act as flowerpots!
Beautiful Barn! Create your own indoor barn with pigs in plaster or rattan. Decorate with growing vegetables and herbs! Corrugated metal gives the right rusty look.
Bonzai Garden. For the elegant and more pedantic indoor gardener.
I will be back with more from Formland etc tomorrow!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


These lovely ceramic round "boxes" in monochrome and yellow was shown at Formland in Denmark two weeks ago. Stunning I think! Finndottir.
I have been to a lot of fairs lately. This Monday it was the furniture fair INTERIORS @ NEC in Birmingham. One of their trend exhibitions were about creating a B&B! This is how interior designer Morag Mayerscough did hers, very graphic and bold in monochrome and yellow. I saw a revival of this colour combination this January at different fairs etc. Made me think of the 50-is and 60-is and mid 80-is. Back again, but this time with a more acid and neon yellow!
Swedish designshop no 1 Svenssons i Lammhult has this interior at its shop in Sickla Köpkvarter in Stockholm, Just up my street!
These retro chairs in plastic string and metal were shown at Home/Topdrawer @ Earls Court last week!

And finally, fashion are there too. Silver, black, grey and neon yellow! Notice the lovely pleated shirt in organza, I could not resist it, it is now in my wardrobe! Topshop, Oxford Circus, London last Thursday!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Untreated wood and muted greens and blues are absolutely right (very "TheCotwolds" right now!
Patterns and fabrics from Provence is back, but now in more muted and pastel colours. Nice for the summer outdoors.
The 50-is as still very much around, specially when it comes to tableware and fabrics!
All above seen today at Home Exhibition at Earls Court in London. Next fair in September this year! Watch this space for more over the next few days!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Turquoise again! I remember summer 1979 and 1980 when I dyed everything this colour. Went to Ibiza and Myconos and walked to the beach in satin boxer shorts and plastic turquoise sandals! It is all back again, at least the colour. Just got myself some new sport tops in the right shade. Rimmel just launched a nail varnish the same colour! And it matches my lovely Mariedal wallpaper (in my study) from Designers Guild! (www.designersguild.com) Wow!
Just before Christmas I went to Stockholm and visited my favourite department stores press office, Åhléns (www.ahlens.se). This is want you can expect from them this spring. More of the same colour, preferably mixed with orange and silver. A bit of vintage metal will be big trend in the garden this spring, and stripes are always right!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Of course I started the new year with some serious cooking. What a better way to chase away those cobwebs after the heavy new years eve! We had both sons in the house and the daughter in law to be, the only one missing the daughter who spent new year with friends.
So full house for lunch! I decided on leg of lamb spiced up with anchovies and rosemary!
Cut pockets in the lamb and fill with anchovies (in oil) and twigs of rosemary. Sea salt and freshly milled pepper and a bit of olive oil on top! Cook for 20 minutes per kilo and an extra 20 minutes. Make a nice gravy from the meat juice and serve with Pommes Dauphinois and veg!

I had some cranberries left over in the fridge from Christmas. Made a lovely crumble for new years day! You need:

300 g cranberries
100 g cubed butter
150 ml oat
150 ml plain flour
100 ml light brown moscovado sugar
one pinch of salt

Put the berries in a buttered oven dish. Mix the oats, flour, sugar, salt and butter with your fingers until you have a firm dough. Put as evenly as possible on top of the cranberries and cook for 25 minutes at 225 degrees Celsius. Serve with cream, custard or ice cream. Yummy!