Tuesday, 31 January 2012


The vintage look is here to stay, a bit longer....I think we want to have the ruff and reused look after all the minimalism we have see during early 2000. This is a few samples of "Vintage Chic" that I have seen during the last couple of weeks.

Britannia Chic, one of the trend "entrances" to Hall 3 (Lighting etc) at Interiors last week in Birmingham. Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek and new "vintage" classics from UK. Lamps and chairs, inspiring and put together by Diana Civil. (www.interiorsuk.com)

Vintage wood, recycled and reused. This trend in not new but here to stay for a while. Mix it with modern Scandinavian and European contemporary design and you will get the "new look". We saw this at Formland in DK a couple of weeks ago! (www.formland.com).
More from Formland, here with more color and old flour bags....shabby chic again!
One of the funnies and most quirky ceiling lamps we saw at Nordal (www.nordal.eu), they had the right type of vintage look in their stand! Formland again!
Nautical vintage for the bedroom in faded blue and beige...Formland.

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