Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Today it is recipe time. I had some vegan guests during the weekend and this is what I cooked for them! But these basic risotto- and lentil recipes are for any type of eaters. Vegan, vegetarians, meat eaters etc. Tomorrow more about fashion and art. PS Graphic design by me!

Thursday, 23 February 2017


Do not miss the Henry Moore exhibition at Burberry Makers House in Soho. Manette Street, London until 27 February. The designer Christopher Bailey has been inspired by the famous British Sculptor and dedicated a whole collection to him and also the exhibition at Soho. More about it next week!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Burberry surprised with a very colourless collection where white and off white were dominant, blue and stripes added. Again a gender blender catwalk with the white shirt in focus. Lace, knitted vests (like belts and military details), workers overalls, and not so many trench coats. Again the show was held in Burberry Makers House in Soho (Manette Street) inspired by the British sculptor Henry More and the English heritage and artisan feel. The house is open today from 12.00 to 21.00 and all day tomorrow. Visit www.burberry.com for more info.

In the final shoulder "decorations" as feathers,like a Spanish toreador and essence of religious (choir boys) influence. Impressive and strong.

Lace and fur... shoulders like a toreador. I will visit the Makers House this afternoon and will report more later this week.

Knitted tops/jumpers with asymmetric shapes and cable knitting. The white shirt is the base. Gender blender at its best.

Monday, 20 February 2017


Just a preview of what to come. London Fashion Week has opt there game and was more British and quirky than ever...This outfit from Ashley Williams has it all. Bomber, kilt, loafers and a hairdo like in the 40s. A mix of of Scottish, war time fashion and today! See you soon!

Sunday, 19 February 2017


A lot of bright colours alongside browns and dark greens. Fun eye make up at Sadie Williams.

Reds will be a big colour for the AW17. And skate skirt, bell shapes from top to toe. Why not add some high heels and red net socks. This is from upcoming Katie Ann McGuigan, merit award winner at Fashion Scout.

A lot is happening on the hand bag front. I love this clutch with pink knotted on handles. Goes well with the "skate girl" look. Kitayana at BFC.

And of course, metallic brogues, in red to match the outfits. The colourful and metallic trend on shoe wear continues...Luke Grant-Muller.

And finally, cool sporty and girly with a hint of street wear and punk! Sadie Williams. More tomorrow!

Saturday, 18 February 2017


First day at London Fashion Week AW17 and this is just a first glance...The disco era from the 70s and 80s can be detected...Just look at these cool boots in glitter and glamour, reversible sequins that gives the books two lives...

Met these cool ladies at the Stories Café. Tapered and bell shaped tunics and skirt in flowers and with applications. Nice!

Cool street fashion...over sized jumper with applications and big arms. Ripped jeans (not my favourite, prefer them "solid") and suede loafers (slipons) in bright turquoise and matching bag! The look for the coming summer? More tomorrow from #LFW.

Friday, 10 February 2017


Black is always back! In my world of design anyway. Well known designer and architect Swedish Monika Förster is a very multi talented creator of object from china to chairs. Her latest collection is called "Beyond Black" "Monica Förster Design Studio is successfully taking a further step in the collaboration
with the Bosnian furniture manufacturer Zanat. The exhibition Beyond Black at JUS in
Stockholm integrates Bosnian woodcarving with Sami-inspired pewter thread embroidery.
The mix between the two different cultures creates an interesting contrast but also links
the two projects together in an unexpected way. The Sami embroidery has a reflective
almost glowing surface which creates a contemporary expression to the project." From the press release! More about Stockholm Design Week soon!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


No, I am not in Stockholm. Wish I was there to visit the fair and all the happenings in town during Stockholm Design Week. But since having so many friends in the industry I feel like I am visiting through all the Instagramming and blogging etc. Not so sure about the colour of the design bar/restaurant this year. Terracotta? Coral? Not up my street. I do not mind the terracotta or the pink but these combinations are a bit "boring" to me!
The Siblings Lindau - Blå Station - won the price for best piece of furniture with the sofa "BOB". Again, not sure about the colour but I like the design. Congratulations!

Jaime Hayon is guest of honour and showed an installation of his work in the entrance hall. Not sure what to think. He is not favourite designer and not much was done here when it comes to interior design. More tomorrow!

Thursday, 2 February 2017


To fight the January blues my lovely husband had planned a trip to the north for the two of us. We started in Newcastle, a town that surprised me with wide elegant streets and a updated centre with an excellent shopping area and lots of restaurants and buzzy pubs and bars. We will return. Above, growing facade at M&S.

From Newcastle the northern trip took me to Greywalls Hotel (Gullane, just south of Edinburgh) by the famous golf course. Classic "homey" hotel with a Roux restaurant with excellent food. What a treat!

We had a look at current trends as well, so, if you do not have a pair of silver shoes yet, time has come. these buckled ones from Next only £35!

And if you did not already know, the accent colour of the year is definitely yellow. From citric acid nuances to deep mustard. In fashion and interiors. Above from Next Home.

Longing for spring! New terracotta pots from Swedish Company/Gardening chain Plantagen.

Well, Josef Frank has finally his own exhibition in London. The Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey (Bermondsey Street, SE1) are honouring the Austrian/Swedish designer with his own space. If in London this spring do not miss it. Until 7 May!

And finally, Design House Stockholm is celebrating 25 year! The department store in Stockholm, NK, are celebrating by showcasing this brand in their window displays on Hamngatan. Here are one of the newer product by Sara Szyber, flowerpot stand/ladder, and new pots in black and white by Ann Wåhlström. More to come...