Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Of course the punk fashion never left London. But I would like to say it is back more than ever. Above in a feminine way with the very fashionable top with the "low" arms and mix of jumper and blouse! Shown yesterday at Fashion Scout by Lantern.

Super sophisticated punk by Mulberry. Their new creative director Johnny Coca have reinvented the chic and neo-punk girl to the brand and revitalised it. Just down my street. This biker jacket will probably not be for sale but a cool show piece. Was shown together with the blue pleated blouse! I could have bought half of the collection but can unfortunately not afford it! When are they gonna start a Mulberry Junior collection with a lower pricing???

More neo punk from Mulberry. Johnny Coca is short so some of the flatter versions will go up to male sizes! I cannot wait for these to be found as inspired versions at Office etc...

I love this new Mulberry standard bag! With or without chains, it is all up to you. Comes in a wide range of colours and also mixed.

Me, myself, I in my favourite item from this collection. The bomber with red roses! More tomorrow!

Monday, 22 February 2016


There is a lot of "Memphis" around! The design/architecture group was founded in Milan in 1981 by famous designer and architect Ettore Sottsass. I was there when they launched their first collection. Wow, it was something completely new and different. And the views were split. I simply loved it at first sight. And how surprised (a bit) was I to find pieces from this collection in the press room at London Fashion Week, BFC space at Brewer Street Car Park! It is back! And I still love it.

So when I saw this jumper at HM of course I had to get it! Nathalie de Pasquier was the name of the lady who designed most of the patterns and fabrics (even ties, the fashion at the time was very gender blended and I was at the time wearing a Jean-Paul Gaultier grey suit with a mauve coloured shirt and mauve make up, even my nails was in that lilac shade!).

More from the press lounge at Brewer Street Car Park @londonfashionweek. Here in a more pastel version with the "matching" lady in pink and powder blue.

Even the ankle boots are inspired by the group. More tomorrow! Now off to Mulberry Showroom and the watching Burberry at their flagship store on Regent Street.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Cartoons in fashion has always been around, more or less. Now it is more, perhaps has Moschino led the way? Cute handbags from London Fashion Week AW16! More Paprika.

Florence Bridge is behind (in front here) of these fluffy and furry jackets in pink, burgundy and blacks to greys! 70-s inspiration done in 2016 way! Sheepskin and leather patchwork was also part of her collection (dresses and skirts) shown at BFC at Brewer Car park until Tuesday!

Fashion International shown last night at The Amba Charing Cross Hotel arranged by Pop Pr etc. It was a sham and a scam...clothes with hanging treats, seems that has come up, cheap materials. I felt really embarrassed to be there and knowing that some of the viewers had payed to see this show...Somebody should have told these poor designers to go home and improve their work. High Street clothes would have looked better on the suffering models. The photographers did not even bother to shoot most part of the show. An as usual, harsh handling of the visitors/guests by Pop PR. PR stands for Public Relations, not the lack of it!

What a difference at Jasper Conrans show yesterday morning. On time, effective and polite staff and simple but beautiful design from JC. A lot of horizontal stripes. Here with a hint of the 70s in silk! Off to watch Topshop Unique in store and Paul Smith live! More soon...

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Goth Punk in pastels at Fashion Scout at "Typical Freaks" yesterday, first day of London Fashion Week. Took me back to the 1970s, with a bit of Bowie and the 1980s punk and punk fashion. Fun! 

Glamour rock again. Retro with fake fur in baby blue and with satin in pink! Like the Glamour Rock band Sweet in the early 1970s. Hilarious? Angel Chen at Brewer Street Park venue.

Since Mulberry did the super high heel loafer they have become a classic! Here in a glamour version by Kim Kwang. More tomorrow...


Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Besides being a journalist and interior designer etc I love cooking and baking. So yesterday I decided to make my own "Semla". In Sweden this time of the year you can buy them everywhere but you are only supposed to eat them from last Tuesday until Easter. This bun is being baked in a lot of kitchens in Sweden right now. The bun, that will be filled with almond paste and decorated with whipped cream is called "Semla". This calorie rich patisserie is eaten on a Tuesdays during Lent. Today they are made in a lot of "modern" and "international" ways. From a croissant version to wraps. This is a very traditional version. To make the "bulla" (bun) you need 25 g fresh yeast, 50 ml sugar, 75 g butter, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp ground cardamom, 200 ml milk, 1 egg and 700ml plain flour and 2 tsp baking powder. Melt the butter and add the milk. Heat until "finger warm" (37 degrees Celsius), crumble the yeast in a bowl and add the buttermilk liquid. Stir until the yeast have "melted". Add the sugar, egg, salt and cardamom and stir. Mix in 600 ml of the flour until smooth. Mix the rest of the flower with the baking powder and kneed in. Let the dough rest for 30 min and then roll then into 12 buns. Put on a baking tray covered with baking paper and leave to rise for another 30-40 min. Brush them with some beaten egg and bake at 220 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Cool down.

Cut our the top with a scissor. In a mixer blend 150 g  almonds (skinless) with 75 g of sugar and 20 ml cream until smooth. Fill the hole of the bun with the almond paste and then decorate with whipped cream! Dust some icing sugar over the buns! Ready. But remember, to eat on Tuesdays only. I made six of them yesterday (pictured) and froze the rest of the buns for next Tuesday! (without filling and cream!)
And now to something totally different! I am off to London Design Week tomorrow, writing for the Swedish Fashion Council. This is today's "harvest" of invitations, some good ones here! More about that and more tomorrow!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


One of the any exhibitions during the Stockholm Design Week was the very colourful "Colour emotions" curated by the interior stylist Sara Garanty. From glass houses and ice sculpturs in the courtyard of Tänstickspalatset to cheesecookies in colours to dancers with "glowing in the dark" wristbands. Different, enjoyable and inspiring...

At Svenskt Tenn, the institution and shop, had recreated interiors that was earlier only found on black and white photos from the archives. This being a dinnerparty in a crammed and bohemic flat with lots of books...

More from the "Colour Emotion" exhibition. Instagrammer @Teklan and her colourful photos.

Me, myself and I at the Elle Design Awards on the Monday night which I enjoyed in company of the nice girls, Jenny and Annika from Studio Sankt Paul PR (me in the middle). That´s all for today folk´s. More tomorrow and the soon off to the London Fashion Week for a weekend full of fashion and shows...

Friday, 12 February 2016


With this happy and spring-like interior from Scandinavian Furniture fair, I say goodbye to Stockholm (snowing) , for this time. I am heading back home to Chipping Campden. From Fora Forms stand at #2016SFF #2016SDW. See you next week. Photo by Ann-Katrin Berggren

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Rattan, wicker, glass and china. Mostly made in Vietnam and designed by Ingegerd Råman & Co for Ikea! Simple beautiful design for everyday use! I have decided for a "shopping stop" i.e. no more things in and for my house,  but think it might have to be cancelled...

...and more

Fellow stylists and journalist friends, Tina Hellberg and Camilla Julner accordingly dressed for this "Viktigt" occasion.

White simple and delicately designed glass. Ingegerd Råman.

The "Worm" book shelf by Ron Arad now in gold! Kastall in Stockholm today!

I was there, in Milan in 1981 when Ettore Sottsas & Co showed their designs. Revived today at Kartell in Stockholm with the fabrics by Nathalie de Pasquier etc. I was a fan then and still are. This design works excellent with pieces from Tiogruppen (The Ten Group, Gunnel Sahlin, Ann Wålhström and Ann Nilsson (glass ware) etc.

And finally today the latest and last work by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg for Kasthall. She very sadly passed away this spring but have left a legacy at Kasthall in her fantastic carpets and rugs! Now I am off for the  my last day of Stockholm Design Week and will be back tomorrow with more!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Colourful and with a lot of hints from the 1980s is what strikes me most at Scandinavian Furniture Fair that started yesterday in Stockholm. Reds, blues, greens and a lot of pale pink! Above one of my favourites, sitting island "Konnekt" by Swedese. 
The honour to create this years design bar went to architect Andreas Martin-Löf. "Dirty" pink armchairs with a strong 1980s design idiom and marble effect carpet! I am not so sure...dull or...at least I felt it was... I hope the food is/was better by the master chef Fredrik Eriksson.

There are always some designer that pops up everywhere. Alexander Lervik is one of them. Here is his clever little table for Johanson, "Storm".

Cake design on a high level by Daniel Roos, his pieces of art cropped up here and there at the fair!

Talented dutch designer Ineke Hans extended her "Aline" family with some new poufs and a table! Johanson.

Lammhults showed these rounded and happy coloured sofas and metal sideboards/poufs. 1980s revival? More from #2016SDW #2016SFF tomorrow!

Monday, 8 February 2016


Started the Stockholm Design Week with breakfast at Svenskt Tenn this morning where they showed very early interiors made by Josef Frank recreated in colour from a black and white photo! This interior was considered very bold and flamboyant in the 1930s! Svenskt Tenn, Strandvägen 5, Stockholm.

Followed by another breakfast at the famous Operkällaren with Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards! Beautiful laid tables with china from Mateus.

Lunch at Nobis Hotel designed by Claesson, Koivist and Rune (Rune and Claesson pictured) showing new pieces to their design company "Smaller Objects". Cushion by Cappellini etc...

In the afternoon, The Stockholm Auction House (Stockholms Auktionsverk) showing classics from Småland from 1900-1990! Here with legendary design journalist Rebecca Tarschys! More tomorrow when I will visit the Stockholm Scandinavian Furniture Fair.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Goodmorning! Ready to go, Stockholm Design Week here I come! Starting with Swedish design institution Svenskt Tenn and Stockholm Design House and Elle Decoration Awards...more here this afternoon..

Friday, 5 February 2016


This is my house in the Stockholm Archipelago. I have showed you some images from here before and I also use a picture from here as my blog header. I am showing it to give you a taste of Scandinavian design. The sofa is from Furninova, the armchair was designed in 1938 by the Danish designer Victor Boesen. I have had it upholstered in sheep skin. The floor lamp is by Bolia. Floor by Danish Dinesen and outdoor chairs by Ikea.

The kitchen is designed by me and the architect who is "responsible" for the rest of the house, Kjell Andersson SAR. Kitchen units from Ikea! Slate floor! Black cooker, dishwasher from Electrolux.

The dining area has a vintage table that we bought at Conran Shop in London and are said to be from Provence. Chairs and bar stools from Ikea. I love what the architect Kjell has created in this house, you feel like you are outside inside! The way he has let the light in is brilliant with a "tunnel of light" going through the house. I am showing you this home to gently lead you into the forthcoming design week in Stockholm where I will go tomorrow. I will report from there everyday next week, so do not miss a day with me!

Finally the bedroom overlooking the sea and situated elevated on top of the world! All furniture from Ikea! All photos by my friend and excellent photographer Magnus Anesund.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Pale pink, powder pink, baby pink! As we say in Sweden, "the loved child has many names"! I will be more commercial today, and use pics that are not mine! Above, romantic and very feminine dress by Vivienne Westwood for SS16. The pink has been ready to go for nearly two years but now it is up and running for spring 16!(Style.com)
More sweet pinks, for keeping sweet things in! From Swedish home ware chain Hemtex. www.hemtex.se.

Well known Danish Bjorn Wiinblad famous vases joined by modern pink lamp! I love the mix!

Salmon pink and velvet for AW16! From Tiger of Sweden (photo by me!) Guys, look in the high street shop in the spring for more in pink...or you have to wait for this for the Autumn...
This bedlinen are available soon...Hemtex again.