Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Today I just want to talk a bit about journalism versus bloggism and what is happening in this world. When I started as a journalist in 1980 I was taught to do my research, form my own opinion, how to perform and do an interview etc etc. I went to Poppius Journalist School in Stockholm (in the evenings) for two years and was constantly having constructive feedback from well known and experienced editors/course leaders. It was tough and time consuming, but sooo much fun. My first job was with a trendy youth magazine called VeckoRevyn (The Weekly Review) and my mentor there taught me to write short but punchy, form my own opinions and views and not to be bought by the fashion- and interior industry. At that time the "coloured weekly media" as we were called in Sweden, was constantly under the microscope and accused of not being objective in our choices of what to feature. Hidden advertising was what we were doing according to a lot of the rest of the media (daily news etc). Today it has reversed...bloggers has taken over from the "coloured media" and fill their pages with fast and not always accurate news. The writing is often not of the best quality and even more often not objective but chosen to attract big companies to make them approach the blogger and pay them to blog about their brand and products. Of course, I should not generalise here but unfortunately this is often the case. This has led to the lack of work and assignments for "serious" and experienced journalists and that this kind of media has lost a lot of its credibility and is not being taken seriously. Something that me and my colleagues in the 1980s and 1990s fought hard for. I am not saying that blogging is wrong, I love it! The Internet has, unfortunately, undermined the use of words and the use of proper journalism. Everybody can be a journalist, photographer, graphic designer, interior designer etc today! Again, don´t get me wrong here, some are self taught and really good, and I do love what the Internet and computers has done to open up the world of design etc for everybody. Let´s just hope that the world of bloggers etc will self sanitise and we will have decent and reliable quality in the future. (Photo by Magnus Anesund, my house in Gåsö/Stockholm archipelago with a colour on the wall I will not try to give a name, styling and interior design by me!)

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