Tuesday, 2 February 2016


www.topdrawer.com who has recently moved from Earls Court (are being knocked down to give way to flats etc)to Olympia showed a refreshed look and vibrant feel. A new look that also involved using the second floor. Felt better than for a long time! Well done Topdrawer! Retro- "matress patterns" in pastels from green to pink by www.akinandsuri.co.uk 

More modern retro by www.elladoran.com with a house view from Reyjkavik and fabolous super wide wallpapers etc. See more on her website!

More pastels with copper! Elegant candleholders and mugs in new colours, all by Jansen+Design.

www.orlakiely.com. You can dress in her patterns, walk in them and design your whole home with them! Retro design of today! Fresh.

Bold patterns, like always from Finish www.marimekko.com

Soft "retro pastels" in wool. www.twiguk.co.uk.

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