Sunday, 21 February 2016


Cartoons in fashion has always been around, more or less. Now it is more, perhaps has Moschino led the way? Cute handbags from London Fashion Week AW16! More Paprika.

Florence Bridge is behind (in front here) of these fluffy and furry jackets in pink, burgundy and blacks to greys! 70-s inspiration done in 2016 way! Sheepskin and leather patchwork was also part of her collection (dresses and skirts) shown at BFC at Brewer Car park until Tuesday!

Fashion International shown last night at The Amba Charing Cross Hotel arranged by Pop Pr etc. It was a sham and a scam...clothes with hanging treats, seems that has come up, cheap materials. I felt really embarrassed to be there and knowing that some of the viewers had payed to see this show...Somebody should have told these poor designers to go home and improve their work. High Street clothes would have looked better on the suffering models. The photographers did not even bother to shoot most part of the show. An as usual, harsh handling of the visitors/guests by Pop PR. PR stands for Public Relations, not the lack of it!

What a difference at Jasper Conrans show yesterday morning. On time, effective and polite staff and simple but beautiful design from JC. A lot of horizontal stripes. Here with a hint of the 70s in silk! Off to watch Topshop Unique in store and Paul Smith live! More soon...

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