Monday, 28 November 2016


It was my birthday yesterday and my son is away at University and my husband on a business trip to China. I had over 160 greetings on Facebook. Lovely and nice but lonely! A few years ago I would have thrown a birthday party, but I have thrown so many through the years that at the moment just the thought of it makes me feel tired! Well, if I had, this is how it might have looked. Conranshop at Fulham now! Colourful yule.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Last Thursday I went to the press preview of the new Design Museum in Kensington. Located in a 1960s landmark building it is going to be a good addition to Kensington High Street. It is situated next to parts of Holland Park that adds tranquillity to the museum area. The architect John Pawson was selected to do the work after having been chosen from invited and suitable architects and designers. The jury felt that he was able to bring an old building back to life in the gentlest way and not compromising the original building but able to adapt it for a modern museum. And how right they were! A place to learn about design and how designers think to learn about how design is happening around us in everything we do. The new museum and the location will make a good day out for the whole family. Opens 24 November!

On the top floor, the permanent exhibition, Designer Maker User, showing how design is incorporated in everything today!
The entrance and "Atrium" was deliberately kept very open and spacious to give room for contemplation and also to give the building (and the roof) the space it needs. There is more than enough square meters for exhibitions, workshops, library etc. What a wonderful space to enjoy just sitting in the middle of the stairs (leather seats) and just relax.

Carnaby Streets lights was inspired by the current exhibition at the V&A, "You said you want a revolution". A must see about politics, music and fashion from the 60s and 70s. From the Beatles, Biba, Mary Quant, Twiggy to the Student Riots in Paris and the Woodstock music festival! (photo by Time Out). More from London and Christmas later this week!
The poster "You say you want a revolution".

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Christmas in London. This year it is very popular to personalise Christmas i.e. put name etc on bulbs, wrapping paper etc. At John Lewis you can order bulbs with your own words or names on them. Done while you are waiting. When I was a girl we put the whole family's names on the ginger cookies and hang in the three. I still do them...more about that, the Christmas windows and the new Design Museum next week...

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


CHRISTMAS IS HERE. At least if you are to believe Selfridges, their window displays are full of Father Christmas, snow and glitter, more to come. I am off to London today to shoot some more and visit the new Design Museum who opens soon on Kensington High Street, more to come about that soon and more about me and my childhood Christmases! Watch this space!

Monday, 14 November 2016


Last week I visited BLÅBÄR NORDIC LIVING in Putney. I had read about it on the Internet and we decided to use it as a venue for our November event for SveaBritt (Swedish Network Organisation for Swedish Professional Woman in Great Britain) where I am the secretary. What a nice place. A shop and café with interior design and gifts in a very Nordic (Scandinavian) style. With a mix of their own design and a selection of others. Above, the bar chairs and table are Blåbärs own design.

Pine cones for Christmas. Why not pick your own and spray paint. Or get them at Blåbär in Putney. Decorating with pine cones etc are very fashionable this upcoming Christmas 2016. 

Sandra West, the owner (together with her partner) said that their customers has shown a big interest in lighting. No, this lamp do not have antlers, just looks like it. The antler is sitting on the wall behind.

The cards are of their own design with Swedish sayings as a theme. Fun!

Some of my fellow SveaBritt ladies last week. A perfect venue for a small party to meet and eat.
Sandra West herself behind the counter!
Christmas stars in the windows and for sale. Such a Swedish tradition that you now see a lot of even in the UK!

A Nordic mix of interior decorating, from sheepskin to mugs. The whole place is a mix of old and new with a monochrome colourway that you normally would think would feel cool but by mixing soft and hard, and adding mood lights they have created a cosy and welcoming space! Perfect if you are self employed and want a hang out to work in!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


We (me and my husband) have been spending a lot of time recently in Llandelio. A lovely spot in Wales with a nice High Street with some really good shopping and eating. Lovely walks around the town for someone like me who loves being outdoors. That brings me back to my childhood which, according to my late mum, I spent mostly outside, getting dirty! I was the tomboy (contrary to my two sisters who stayed clean in their dresses, and made girly noises when anybody came near) having to be changed at least twice a day, and always with plasters on my knees! My mother said that putting me in playschool was like putting a tiger into a cage. But, she, thought, she needs to learn. And actually, I loved playschool. Started a bit of my creative work there by making a telephone in wood that I painted red! We were then living in a two bedroom flat in the Stockholm Suburbia of Blackeberg (if you have seen the vampire film "Let the right one in", you know exactly where I grew up. It was my whole world until I was seven and we moved to the other side of Stockholm (Farsta) where my father had done a "self build". More to come tomorrow. Back in Wales the shops had already started their Christmas.

"Gerwyns", a traditional vegetable and fruit "market" that makes me think of Greece. Not so good for fresh veg but perfect for big bags of locally sourced root vegetables and potatoes. Nice to visit...

"Cariad" is the Welsh word for dear or dearest. These local Christmas decorations can be found at "The Little Welsh Dresser" in LLandelio.

More traditional Christmas decorations with a French hint are to be found at the Papillion Interiors. More soon...

Thursday, 3 November 2016


Hi, I have recently been thinking that I should make my blog more personal. Not just showing pretty pictures of fashion, food, interiors etc. But talk a bit more about myself, what makes me tick, how I feel etc. This blog has pictured me being living a very glamorous life, visiting cook fairs and shows and places. Cooking nice food and enjoying life to the full. Well, I guess it is partly true. But there is another side of me and my life where there is and have been depression, sorrow, losses etc. Twice in my life I have had burnouts (not to recommend to anybody) and has learnt from that to say no and to take better care of myself (not always so successfully). Since my last "depression" in 2012 I have been practising Mindfulness everyday. I do Mindfulness stretches for an hour every morning. It works, for me... It started with a course that I went to that was part of KBT that I received from the NHS and since then I have read a lot of books about it.  Recently "Frazzled" by Ruby Wax that makes the whole "mindfulness business" more comprehensible! I strongly recommend you reading it if you need some help to relax and understand why YOU are feeling frazzled. Back to me and my background. I was born i Stockholm 1955, the love child of Mari-Anne and Gösta. It was the second marriage for both of them and my mother had two children from her first marriage, Lasse (6 years older than me) and Maj-Britt (three years older than me).

This is just a start, more to come. Meanwhile enjoy the new sofa from Moooi, "Compressed". I am dressed in a coat and top from HM. Scarf from Topshop. Throusers from Zara and sandals from HM (last season). Mix and match with nail varnish to put an edge to the outfit. Photo by Camilla Julner/veryCamilla.