Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Last Thursday I went to the press preview of the new Design Museum in Kensington. Located in a 1960s landmark building it is going to be a good addition to Kensington High Street. It is situated next to parts of Holland Park that adds tranquillity to the museum area. The architect John Pawson was selected to do the work after having been chosen from invited and suitable architects and designers. The jury felt that he was able to bring an old building back to life in the gentlest way and not compromising the original building but able to adapt it for a modern museum. And how right they were! A place to learn about design and how designers think to learn about how design is happening around us in everything we do. The new museum and the location will make a good day out for the whole family. Opens 24 November!

On the top floor, the permanent exhibition, Designer Maker User, showing how design is incorporated in everything today!
The entrance and "Atrium" was deliberately kept very open and spacious to give room for contemplation and also to give the building (and the roof) the space it needs. There is more than enough square meters for exhibitions, workshops, library etc. What a wonderful space to enjoy just sitting in the middle of the stairs (leather seats) and just relax.

Carnaby Streets lights was inspired by the current exhibition at the V&A, "You said you want a revolution". A must see about politics, music and fashion from the 60s and 70s. From the Beatles, Biba, Mary Quant, Twiggy to the Student Riots in Paris and the Woodstock music festival! (photo by Time Out). More from London and Christmas later this week!
The poster "You say you want a revolution".

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