Thursday, 3 November 2016


Hi, I have recently been thinking that I should make my blog more personal. Not just showing pretty pictures of fashion, food, interiors etc. But talk a bit more about myself, what makes me tick, how I feel etc. This blog has pictured me being living a very glamorous life, visiting cook fairs and shows and places. Cooking nice food and enjoying life to the full. Well, I guess it is partly true. But there is another side of me and my life where there is and have been depression, sorrow, losses etc. Twice in my life I have had burnouts (not to recommend to anybody) and has learnt from that to say no and to take better care of myself (not always so successfully). Since my last "depression" in 2012 I have been practising Mindfulness everyday. I do Mindfulness stretches for an hour every morning. It works, for me... It started with a course that I went to that was part of KBT that I received from the NHS and since then I have read a lot of books about it.  Recently "Frazzled" by Ruby Wax that makes the whole "mindfulness business" more comprehensible! I strongly recommend you reading it if you need some help to relax and understand why YOU are feeling frazzled. Back to me and my background. I was born i Stockholm 1955, the love child of Mari-Anne and Gösta. It was the second marriage for both of them and my mother had two children from her first marriage, Lasse (6 years older than me) and Maj-Britt (three years older than me).

This is just a start, more to come. Meanwhile enjoy the new sofa from Moooi, "Compressed". I am dressed in a coat and top from HM. Scarf from Topshop. Throusers from Zara and sandals from HM (last season). Mix and match with nail varnish to put an edge to the outfit. Photo by Camilla Julner/veryCamilla.

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