Thursday, 11 February 2016


Rattan, wicker, glass and china. Mostly made in Vietnam and designed by Ingegerd Råman & Co for Ikea! Simple beautiful design for everyday use! I have decided for a "shopping stop" i.e. no more things in and for my house,  but think it might have to be cancelled...

...and more

Fellow stylists and journalist friends, Tina Hellberg and Camilla Julner accordingly dressed for this "Viktigt" occasion.

White simple and delicately designed glass. Ingegerd Råman.

The "Worm" book shelf by Ron Arad now in gold! Kastall in Stockholm today!

I was there, in Milan in 1981 when Ettore Sottsas & Co showed their designs. Revived today at Kartell in Stockholm with the fabrics by Nathalie de Pasquier etc. I was a fan then and still are. This design works excellent with pieces from Tiogruppen (The Ten Group, Gunnel Sahlin, Ann Wålhström and Ann Nilsson (glass ware) etc.

And finally today the latest and last work by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg for Kasthall. She very sadly passed away this spring but have left a legacy at Kasthall in her fantastic carpets and rugs! Now I am off for the  my last day of Stockholm Design Week and will be back tomorrow with more!

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