Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Our garden has been black and white for quite a few years now. I was surprised when I went to Chelsea Flower Show this year that this colour scheme is still so accurate. I was hoping for more colour, and next year you might find it in mine! I even bought some cerise coloured Geranium's for my garden in Sweden (more from there next week). Its a beginning of a more colourful outdoor life! Above my white Clematis, finally out. Everything bloomed at once this spring and some of the tulips are still going strong.

My Louis XVI:s inspired outdoor furniture in cast iron is by talented designer John Reeves who lives and produce his furniture in Vietnam. The wooden Classic Chairs in the background in teak and cast iron are from www.byarumsbruk.se and the round table I eventually got from Habitat. Cushions from www.hm.com, table runners from www.homebase.co.uk and black glass goblets from Marimekko/Iittala.

The goblets from Marimekko/Iittala close up. Nice with cherries in. Black and yellow cow slips to match the rest of the garden. I love stripes, here some table runners I got from www.homebase.co.uk a couple of years ago. Similar ones are often around this time of year, check out www.linum.se.

Out "frontgarden" was turned into the calm resting place during this garden party. The chairs and cushions and fleece blankets are all from Ikea, even the lanterns! I use to work for them (styling the catalogues) and are still a big fan. Take an extra look at the white Anemone Clematis in the back ground. It has climbed all around the gate at the front! Lovely.

The white and black garden is a mix of Tulips, Acer, Maple and Clematis. A lot of black grass as well, Negrita, not in this picture though. Tomorrow more, the food, the people and some indoor interior pics.

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