Monday, 3 June 2013


The first bedlinen to be washed and hung outside by the sea, at Gåsö yesterday. Just image the lovely scent that gives the bed! Bedlinen from

White geraniums that I planted in this old sugar wooden box! Terracotta feet to allow drainage!

Insalata Caprese = tomatoes and mozarella. This is my version, a bit different. Chop cherry tomatoes and the mozarella. Mix pesto with some olive oil and stir into the tomatoe and cheese mix. Serve on a top of salad leaves - here rocket and maché and some Basil leaves - compulsery!

Today back home I took my usual powerwalk (Nordic Walking with poles). This is the wonderful view when heading back down to Chipping Campden from Ebrington!

White Anemone Clematis climing on our wall and gates at The Castle. I got the plant on a sale at Homebase ( for nothing and it did not look as if it would make it to start with. Five years later and look at it in its glory. Fantastic!

The same White Anemone Clematis from inside the garden! This is the new growth for this year.

Black and white is the theme in our garden, this year with a hint of yellow. Black tulips "Queen of Night" and white tulips mixed with Japanes Maple Tree. 

Finally, the same colour as my tulips, beetroot with Saint Agur soft cheese, garlic infused olive oil and some Basil for lunch. Healthy and delicious. More tomorrow. Perhaps even some fashion!

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