Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Two weeks ago I went on a Girls Trip to the charming little town of Nora northwest of Stockholm. We were recommended to stay and have a coffee break (Fika in Swedish) at the quirky place called "Nostalgibyn" (Nostalgia Village) just outside Nora. They had just opened for the day when we got there so the coffee (that was promised to be extra good, and it was) was freshly brewed and they had all the old fashion cakes and sandwiches. All in a retro setting with a mix of the 50-ies and 60-ies.

An honesty box by the parking suggests 20 Skr for adults, children go for free!

The petrol station (not working) even had an authentic car, bus and motorcycle parked outside.

By the café a small cinema showing old Ingmar Bergman film occasionally etc...

I had a bisvie with pear filling. A very classic cake you have with a coffee "fika". Yummy!

Of course there were the typical Village Shop with clothes, shoes, etc. Some of it was for sale!

In Sweden we have something that is still around (not as much as before) the FOLKPARK with an old fashioned dancing area. Where you met and danced (and drank etc in the bushes) on a Saturday night!

The wonderful café with it´s authentic furniture, cabinets, china etc. Wonderfully nostalgic. Took me back to my childhood (I was born in 1955). It turned out to be very popular with the local people to go for lunch! The charming café was immediately nearly full!

Some of the display of old packaging from the 50-ies and 60-ies. Still looking very good!

The classic ice cream kiosk they way they use to look!

Even the vending machines with condoms were there by the toilets. I would not dare using them thow....

I can remember making phone calls from one of these...

And finally, the girlsroom where perfectly nostalgic, you can even dry your hair the old fashion way. So if you are near to Nora do not miss to visit

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