Monday, 10 June 2013


This morning I was up at dawn to travel into London and hear Paul Smith tell us, the press, about his upcoming exhibiton at the Design Museum that opens 15 November! As always he was his normal very charming and funny person. Full of whit, warmth and humour. The exhibiton will tell the story from his early days as a cyclist in Nottingham, starting up his first shop in London,  Floral Street (it is still there) up till today when he designes not only fashion but china, rugs, hotels etc.

He turned up early in a Barbour jacket over his normal dark blue suit! The exhibition will feature a recreation of his famous office in Covent Garden, and also his first shop (only 3x3 meters big) etc...A new book will be published and released at the opening with new footage etc. The exhibiton "Hello my name is Paul Smith" will run until 9 March 2014! Plan a trip to London now!  

This is one angle of his famous office. I went there two years ago when he was the guest interior designer @ Stockholm Furniture Fair and interviewed him for Vårt Nya Hem. Full of exciting things, he get a lot of post every day from fans all over the world. One admirer sends things like an oar, shell etc witout packaging, puts the stamps and adress right on the object and it is always delivered! Some of these objects will be shown at the Design Museum. for more info!

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