Wednesday, 19 June 2013


After a power walk around the island this morning and a nice chat with some neighbors I had a lovely brunch with fresh Swedish strawberries with greek yogurg, muesli and honey! Yummy.

After marinating more herrings for Friday (more and recipies later this week) I did a tiny bit of gardening. Replanted some of the Nasturtion plants and put them on my lovely concrete table (made by Kina Lannmark, an artist friend on the Gåsö. One more step in the right direction.

The white Geranium now have a Nasturtion friend and company on the tiled table.

More Nasturtions found a new home today. These lime green containers I got last year, I like that they are made from recycled tin materiel.

More easy planting. The potatoes that I have prepared earlier this year are in their buckets! They will probably not be ready until September but I will enjoy seeing them grow. More preparations for Midsummer tomorrow. Watch this space! 

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