Thursday, 27 June 2013


We have wild rasberries outside our house that will give us a wonderful crop in about a month! Will come back then with some lovely rasberry recepies!

Last night I had nice lovely light meal. Freshly cooked asparagus (4 min) with a garlic vinaigrette and Parmesan cheese. To go with it some Spanish Serrano Ham! Delicious!

We also have beautiful Rohan trees. Will give a lot of orange berries in late august. If there is a lot of Rohan berries it is said here in Sweden to be a very cold winter! I will make jelly when they are due!

My latest favourite drink is this Limonata from SanPellegrino. Not so sweet, sharp and bubbly! Really refreshing after a "hard days work" on the island.

I got these vintage jars at a "antiques" shop in Nora two weeks ago. They are from famous Swedish maker of jars, Höganäs. And they were a bargain @ only 30 and 40 Skr each! More from Nora tomorrow!

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