Thursday, 6 June 2013


Went to The Regal in Evesham yesterday with my bookclub ladies and watched The Great Gatsby. The Regal is the perfect setting for this film with its (newly) old fahioned interior with comfortable and generous chairs in red velvet and a downstairs with groups of armchairs and love seats around tables, - and service (food and drink) at the tables!. A couple of bars and a café at street level. The ladies rest rooms had the perfect interior for the 1920ies Art Deco film.

I was dressed to match the Art Deco Interios in black and white bodycon dress from, jacket and bracelet from and bag from Ted Baker!

The film was very entertaining and wellproduced. The clothes were fantastic I love the party scene with the modern music involved. I just think it was a bit of a pity that they tried a bit too hard to make it different from the Robert Redford version and added too much "make up" to the whole production and far too much action. It reminded me of "Who killed Roger Rabbit", like it was a cartoon film and not to be take too seriously. That does not mean that the actors did not perform their best but that they were not given enough space and time to develop their characters fully. The best actor here, and that saved the film for me, was beyound doubt Tobey Maguire playing the young author and neighbour to Gatsy (and also Gatsbys love Daisys cousin). Sometimes I also found that the script was trying a bit too much to be "cool" and Daisy even used that expression to describe Gatsby in one of the last, and very, important, scenes. Did not work at all for me! 
Both Leonardo de Caprio and Carey Mulligan performed very well. But, as I said before, they should have been given more time to develop the characters more deeply to appear more convincing to the audience. And sorry to say, Daisys blond bob was a very obvious wig! With such a big budget they could have let her grow her hair and die might think tha a detail but having worked with fashion and beauty for photoshoots etc to me it is all in the detail!

The very handsome Gatsby when waiting for Daisy to let her in to his big secret and hope for the future, the rest you have to see for yourself...

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