Tuesday, 10 May 2016


The courtyard at The Cawdor Hotel in Llandelio takes you to the Mediterranian...The Cawdor is supposed to be the best hotel (and restaurant) in this part of the world. They often has very good offers if the possibility to stay midweek.

Narrow and colourful streets in Llandelio. This picturesque little town is perfect for a long weekend. Nice shopping, good restaurants and pubs and the view... also perfect for long walks just outside the town.

We came across these very narrow houses on our walk around town.

One of the best cook shops I have ever been into, and I have been around...The Peppercorn in Llandelio.

Toast is a wellknown fashion brand these days. And it was in Llandelio it all started over 15 years ago...

The position of Llandelio is fantastic, this is just one view...I can highly recommend a trip to here...

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