Monday, 19 December 2016


Went to Ikea last week to do the Christmas Food shopping. Being an Ikea fan I was excited to see what they have been up to this Christmas but was not impressed by their Christmas shop this year. No nice ribbons or wrapping paper, boring designs and poorly displayed. What is happening? In the warehouse they had tried better to do some inspiring table settings (This was in Bristol). Finally we went to the food shop (downsized instead of up sized?) and they had already run out of the Christmas ham, the Julmust (traditional Swedish Christmas "Coke") and no Ansjovis. And this was two weeks ahead of Christmas. What´s going on. New manager or just bad knowledge and getting the ordering totally wrong. I had to go to the Swedish Shop in London to get the julmust and ansjovis and decided to cure my own ham this year! Still time!

I use to work with Ikea and the catalogues and I must say since then (ten years ago) the range has not changed all that much. If any it has gone smaller. Here a Christmas kitchen.

A nice idea of decorating around the lamps on top of the dining table with branches and hanging decorations.

I liked this table setting, good for the New Year banquet!

Simple but nice lite stillife in the market hall. More soon!

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