Wednesday, 14 December 2016


During the twenty (about) years I have been in England the Christmas window I normally love the best are by Conrans. Multicoloured and modern with a traditional and Scandinavian feel. This year my price goes to Selfridges but Conrans is still up there.I always loved colour in interiors etc. I find today's interiors (Scandinavian and English adapted similar homes etc) are all done by the same formula. You take a basic corner low corner sofa in grey and add a coffee table in glass. Cowskin rug and sheepskins all around. Ellipse table with a marble top and some white or grey Eames chairs (could be pastels). And you cannot go wrong. Christmas in this home is a mini Christmas tree in a paper bag or some branches in single flower vases. Metal advent chandelier with minimal decoration. Well, I am to a certain degree responsible for some of this happening. Me and a lot of other interior design journalists and stylist get carried away by the trends...but I love colour and they just seem to creep into my home and my Christmas. That is why I love Conrans. The do their own thing, as usual, and having been there with the first of Scandinavian design in the UK they know how to add colour to it. When it comes to Christmas in my home I painted the baubles black a long time ago and still have them! Since having had a few different homes an houses of different "caractères" I have a lot of Christmas decorations. From pastel colours to gold and silver and cones. I would say that this years big trend is natural with an minimalistic approach...but my tree is as usual a mix of old and new and a bit overdecorated. This year I did cut out the black and got out the more natural looking decorations. More about that are Conrans Christmas 2016.

One of this years big decorations alongside cones etc are old fashioned paper stars...

A simple way of making Christmas colourful this year, get these bauble decorated lights from Conrans.

A modern colourful home (Scandinavian inspired) with a Christmas in orange/yellows. Look at the geometrical patterned walls!
Or why not a green and pink theme... here is the table with the marble top I mentioned earlier. Not Eames chairs, but similar. Nice with velvet though.

In England (where I live) the big day is Christmas Day with a turkey lunch. And the don´t forget the Christmas Cracker!

Table setting with a grey base and colourful decorations in green and pink. Look at the crackers, can only be bought at Conrans. The china makes me think of Mateus in Sweden that has spread like decease...and the very much up to date grey version.

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