Thursday, 1 December 2016


Santa has arrived at Selfridges, arriving on an air plane! What else! A modern and happy Father Christmas. I first thought the idea of the Santa in the windows was a bit "odd". But the whole thing has grown on me. He is happy surrounded by less happy mannequins. He is human but they are not. As if the commercialism has gone to far! On the other hand the fashion side of the window displays are the best in London at the moment. They manage to grasp the new "glamour rock" feel  that surrounds the high street. A bit like in the early 1970s when the young generation played with luxury, gender and what ever goes - or not...then it was a type of reaction. Perhaps that is what see now? A luxurious reaction to the crazy world we live in. And it is not all about money and branded goods. All the high street fashion shops are full of bling and metal shining products from candles to shoes, underwear and bags at reasonable prices. It´s a bling world out there. Surely a way of make everyday life a bit more glamorous! Whatever next?

Even the polar bear looks unhappy...

Gold, Chrystal, silver and bling for the Christmas dinner/lunch table!

Bling up and dance the nights away, like we did in the 1970s!

Come fly with me, a gilded trip to the sky...

Santa is going skiing surrounded by resting ladies like in Saint Moritz!

Father Christmas with skis, but what are the ladies doing?

Santa is certainly having a busy time, wrapping parcels on the train, and not any train, gilded in pink!

Well, even Santa needs a rest after Christmas and drinking bubbly in the tub is not a bad way of relaxing. Wish I was in there with him.

The north pole, here I come! In a golden sleigh to meet the penguins!

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