Friday, 9 December 2016


When it comes to Christmas I am fairly traditional in my own home. A mix of old and new and mainly Swedish (since I am Swedish). The beautiful tablecloth in linen was a gift on my 40th birthday (21 years ago) and was then part of the  new table setting collection made for the Nobel party (all is still in use). The natural colour of the linen was then considered very elegant and at the same time a bit boring. Now it is found in any interior design shop and departments store. The crocheted runner in the middle was a gift from my late mother and at the time I got it I thought; what on earth is she thinking, today I love it! It would not be Christmas Eve without it! The traditional and classic china is by Ikea and called "Arv", still for sale. The wine glasses etc are from the 1700s collection (Gustavian) that Ikea did in the late 1990s. Old fashioned jug and salt and pepper containers found at Skansen in Stockholm at their Christmas Market years ago. The Advent candle holder are also by Ikea and was bought in 1993 which was the first Christmas I spent with my know husband Bruce at his house in Warwick. Red candle holders in painted iron was a Christmas gift by Byarums Bruk when I was still living in Sweden. Every year since I was a child I have made the ginger cookie hearts with the name of family and friends on, a tradition that I hope will live on after me...

My lovely and loved Christmas pigs. The big is a symbol for Christmas in Sweden since it was a custom to keep a pig up till Christmas to supply the ham, sausages etc for the Smörgåsbord!

I still use the "Arv" china and Klässbol Linnevävferis cloth and napkins "Nobel" every Christmas. Cutlery from our local designer company Robert Welch.

For New Year I would go more black and simple. Plate in stoneware from Höganäs Keramik and cutlery from Ikea.

The black and white theme has always been a big favourite of mine. Next time we move I am thinking of going the whole way (i.e. in every room and on the walls etc). This set we bought when we moved into The Castle over eight years ago. Still one of my favourites. Place mat with the world map from Svenskt Tenn, design Josef Frank (he will be honoured with an exhibition at the Fashion- and Textile Museum in Bermondsey/London SE1 next year). Classic brasserie type cutlery can be found in most well stocked cooking shop. Back soon with more!

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