Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hi everybody. Sorry for not having blogged for a week or so. I have been very busy with college (doing an HND in Graphic Design @ Gloucestershirt College if you missed that) lately etc. Spring is trying to overtake winter and there is hope for summer! Habitat just launched their summer furniture on the web. Not a lot of new stuff but fresch! I am surprised on how styling and photo shoot of this type of products has not changed much since I started working with interior design photo shoots for magazines in the early 1980s! Looks pretty much the same... 

Habitat table ware for the summer is fresh and with African influences. Out now! I like!

Fresh Eames chairs (SCP has them in London/UK). These chairs along with more from Eames and with Waegner chair on a second place are a must for all hipsters and trendy people all over the world. Yes, they are great but I guess a lot of people play safe... At least add some colour if you dare... more soon. Do not miss to look at my new website

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