Friday, 23 March 2018


London Design Week started, as usual, for me at William Yeoward on Kings Road. Unusually colourful and contemporary with a white corner sofa filled with a mix of velvet cushions in orange, blue, green and ochre yellow! And what about the white sprayed bottles and glasses disguised as vases. Brilliant!

The new corner sofa with happy company of a new, also very contemporary, rug with circular and geometrical pattern. Mixed with simple and crafty ceramics and glass this made a very young and vibrant room set!

William Yeowards so significative lamp bases in glass was matched with a red stripey wallpaper and pineapple and tropical fruity ornaments in unglazed ceramics. More from London Design Week tomorrow! From now on there will be more frequent reporting from me from London. Follow this space!

Friday, 2 March 2018


Sportswear for everyday and evening use, like here with glitzy stripes from Fyodor Golan. As a whole outfit or the garments individually used with contrasting skirts, trousers, dresses etc. Cobalt och Klein-blue is an upcoming colour. This is for autumn winter 2018.

A cool fashionista outside Fashion Scout LFWAW18. Fake fur and coloured Rastafarian hair. The yellow and blue with contrasting monochromes. I love the lipstick!

Matching friends/colleagues outside the shows. The classic trouser suit jacket is back. And it should be in colour.

Stripes, and stripes and stripes. Here at the current collection from Mulberry shown at The Spencer House in St James´s.

Checks, mixed, they are already in the shops but you just wait until next autumn. Here from Nicopanda.

And finally, match the elegant blue dress with yellow boots! Roksanda.

Slingback is back! Zara now!

Thursday, 1 March 2018


Living with ankan: FROM #FORMEX IN STOCKHOLM TO #LFW IN LONDON ETC: I have been to a lot of fairs and fashion shows this year and my head is frazzled with inspiration and impressions. From Swedish outdoor f...

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


I have been to a lot of fairs and fashion shows this year and my head is frazzled with inspiration and impressions. From Swedish outdoor furniture (Nola) to the same fresh green for AW18 from Jasper Conran in London. Unfortunately there is not enough interest in having an opinion from a experienced journalist with over 30 years in the business of fashion, interiors, food and lifestyle. I have worked with the Bonnier Group in Stockholm, Elle, Ikea, just to mention a few of my client. From writing to styling and being an interior designer. Today the media lacks the view of more objective and "free" writers. We are overwhelmed by bloggers and instagrammers with bought followers and with a hidden agenda of advertising. Not much of an independent view or discussion in the world of fashion and interiors today.  What has happened to the critical and open mind I was taught when studying to become a journalist in the early 1980s. And sorry to have to say this, but nobody want to have you opinion today. Not mine anyway... What I can add to the business today is my knowledge of trends and how to read it and link it to history, economy etc. And also how to link the different areas of lifestyle together, from food to fashion. Greens for example, think green living, green plants, a greener planet, vegans, vegetarian food, just for a start...

Granit, the interior, storage and stationery chain has added the colour green to their otherwise so monochrome range. Shown during Stockholm Design Week early this month.

The rainbow has inspired fashion for AW18. Maybe something to do with Pride Festivals and diversity? This suit was shown at LFW Men's, tie-die by Alex Mullins.

Pink is the new black. Both in fashion and interiors. One of the highlights for me during Stockholm Design Week (SDW) was the refurbished Bolia Shop at Götgatan in the south part of Stockholm where this neat pink sofa could be found. Took me back to the 1980s and Italian design.

Pink and punk by Burberry. Yes, you got it right. Christopher Baileys farewell collection was full of his 1980s memories and unexpected controversial fashion. Mixed with original Burberry items from this era. I am impressed by his boldness.

In contrast to Burberry, Jasper Conrans fashion is safe but always classic and wearable. He is daring with the colours and showed this classic look for AW18 in bright green. Fresh. More soon...and sorry for not having blogged more lately, has lost some of my energy due to the flu and personal tragedies...

Thursday, 15 February 2018


The dictating colour combination in Sweden just now is this, orange, pinks and terracotta in combination. And as usual the Swedes likes to "group", i.e. do like the neighbours, so the most dominant colour combination like this could be seen all over the fair. Come on Swedes, get more brave!

Patrik, the owner of Hem, showing of one of their latest products, a blanket design by a fashion designer! Graphic design at its best.

Modules are in when it comes to sofas. Here a 70s soft revival by Helene Tiedeman for Jonas Ihreborn.

It is happening at the back! An inspiration coming from the fashion industry, Fogia. More soon...

Thursday, 8 February 2018


This years furniture fair in Stockholm had an Italian guest of honour in well known interior designer and stylist Paola Navone. Her colourful och playful interior stood out from the more homogeneous stands from the Swedish producers and furniture companies who tends to go for the same colours and similar designs. With inspiration from Thailand, Greece and the Mediterranean temperament she had design an inviting and happy "home" in the entrance of the fair.

Surprisingly often I saw architectural details like these arches and "windows". Note the mix of colours, yellow, terracotta, pink and dark green. Elegant. Lammhults.
The sofa now has taken a lot of inspiration from the early 1980 and 1970s with "cushions" fitted in a frame. This version from Hem. Took me back to the early 1980 in the Cassina showroom in Milan during the Salone di Mobile.

The sofas are still low and often in velvet and pink is still big. This colour combination was reoccurring during the fair. A very Swedish tendency to do like the neighbours!

The Ratatouille lounge was super elegant and spacious, again, made me feel like I was back in Milan in the early 1980s. What comes around goes around...more from Stockholm Design Week soon.

Friday, 19 January 2018


Second day at Formex and the colours are coming together. Pinks and yellows, together. A fresh and "new" combination that feels spicy and fresh. Green plants are back indoors and with them new plant pots are needed. These are from Isadeco.

The rug have new shapes like this one that are ment to sit on, from Beckman School graduate, "Bum" by Ida Björses.

Colourful pepper mills from Isak in a modern 60s nostalgic design.

By accident I passed the Bolia Shop on Götgatan in the south part of Stockkholm City and found a newly refurbished space. I just love this high and light sofa in pink. More tomorrow from Stockholm and Formex.